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Panman 313

Feb 4, 2021
One can't help but to notice the proliferation of T.V. ads as well as page after page of masks for sale in many catalogs. The huge diversity is astounding." Why is this happening?," I wondered. Then I recalled an observation I made some time ago on how they work it for profit. When President Xibamaden gave the Edict that masks were to worn by all when on federal property, as well as The Fouch encouraging the entire country, indeed the world, to wear them, he proved my theory. It is bad enough that the mask issue is moot, and does more harm than good ( in my opinion ) yet is still proffered as a method to prevent the Kung-Flu from spreading. Maybe if one drools and spits as you speak. But I digress. First you establish control of the solution, then create the problem/ demand. Such as the mask scam. Another example of how it is done. You have requirements created that says the Fed. gov can only purchase smoke detectors that perform certain functions, as well as smoke detection. What the functions are don't matter, because no domestic product can meet said requirements. Lo and behold !. There is an import/export co. in San Fran. that sells such an item, available for a modest price. The only ones available. Sound familiar, Sens Finestein, Read, Pelozi, bockser, and the rest of you vultures. Your treachery will be exposed and dealt with anon. Build a higher wall and a moat! Maybe a few more closets you can hide in with your friends.
Better to be pissed off than pissed on! Panman 313

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