This May Be Biden's Biggest Gaffe Yet

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Feb 27, 2021
yeah Pedo Joe, Its great that you are begging people to get a shot that is full of poison or risk loosing their job, their lives and freedom. That's not nice. Pedo Joe, you are a traitor to America and her people and you have sold out to the highest bidder rather than stand up for American Values. That's not nice Joe. You Pedo Joe, are a disgusting waste of human filth that loves Satan, corruption, lies and deceit. You sir, are not nice to anyone and it shows in the disgusting photos there are of you online, the vile words that are misguided, misaligned and full of coercion. You're not a nice man Pedo Joe. If I could talk to you in person, I would spit in your face. People like you have no room in America, so go to China Joe. They love people like you. Maybe someone will be nice to you there.

I know God will give you 'yours" some day and I hope He sends you straight to hell where you belong.
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