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New Member
Jan 1, 2021
It seems like Trump has got to be worn down. Yes, he’s got the people on his side, but the people are not physically with him. He’s stuck in the DC bubble with a bunch of vultures circling overhead. Even his Vice President has abandoned him. Besides the Trump faithful, his family and his team of lawyers, are there any other Americans from other walks of life such major military officials, former politicians, big name professors, church celebrities or other types of people with credibility who are outside that maga movement but are still willing to say: hey, we can’t have this cheating. Our country will be ruined. I know there is viagano. What about a president carter? I don’t know if he would weigh in but seeing as he is from Georgia it would be nice if he could speak to the fraud. Perhaps he is too elderly? Or thinks that fraud is okay? Hard to say. Who else? Anyone from the Bernie movement? Any disaffected media people? How can so many people live with so much dishonesty? It seems like there must be people out there who are not maga people but are like: enough is enough. More needs to be said about how it is not about hating trump. Trump will be the least of people’s worries if we can’t have fair elections.


Active Member
Jan 7, 2021
Indeed you are right. I feel like I have been put through a blender these last two months. I am 65 years old and I grew up in a different time. Never in a million years did I ever think that anyone would condone lying, cheating, and stealing, to obtain your goals. There is a passage in the bible that says basically "there will come a time when what is right appears wrong, and what is wrong will appear right." I think we are there. Anyone who is blind deaf and dumb to what happened with the presidential election is not a true American in my opinion. Hundreds of people worked morning, noon, and night compiling evidence on just about every level of fraud you can think of. What the Republican Party needs to do now, immediately, is to start recruiting young,honest and brave patriots to local, state, and federal legislature. I know young people generally don't think of politics as a lucrative and exciting career choice, but it is imperative to primary all the establishment congressmen that are just taking up space, standing in the way of progress, and filling their pockets. We have to do it. There is no two ways about it. Nothing will change if we don't seek the opportunity now.


New Member
Jan 8, 2021
Sarah Palin is on his side, in fact she says the big name republicans need to step up and make things right!

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