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Well-known Member
Feb 14, 2021
QUESTION IS - Can i take a real person/name that i know hadn't voted 2020 is there technology that shows if they voted
i would just to be safe search 3 states - born in - lived in - and now home is this possible or not
would be interesting because i know several never voted
article from Kane

last sentence
"You can now see if you have been "phantomed."

any ideas how to do my own investigating ????????????????????????????
i wonders if my sister is still voting she passed on like 8 years ago
also if i voted back home in NY -hadnt been there like 30 years


Well-known Member
Sep 6, 2021
Let us recall that those who make the rules of any election and supervise their application are surely not of the common People (the common People is supposed to vote ONLY).
And, once a person becomes a legal representative of certain people (by a process which is, in turn, also based on these rules), he is no more of the common People :)

For instance, did anyone hear of a country whose People is united?!
It would a great news if someone knows just a family whose members are united ;)

I am afraid that only when a People of a country can be united (though it is, in God's plan, one of the impossibilities in human's life), then an election can be called real free.

By the way, in the countries that are submitted and controlled by the greatest nations, the result of an election could be close to 100%. But it is not unusual that the result of an election in the greatest nations could be close to 50% (as in basket-ball games). Both results cannot be real but the People has to believe them always as being free, true and real.

Finally, here in WRF, I learnt that the American elections is also used, by the American Elite, as another very effective tool to divide their American People. Why? Sorry, I don't live in America to know one good answer in the least :(

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