Time to respond Trumpers....inspired by gun shop owner...Joe & China has your power grid !!! LIke Belarus Govt

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Jan 19, 2021
The post reads: “Barack Obama: — 69,000,000 votes — 873 counties. Donald Trump: —75,000,000 votes —2,497 counties. Joe Biden: —81,000,000 votes —477 counties ...And we’re not allowed to question his “victory”.”

Thats 2487 counties that should shut out demoncrats...not serve them..not sell them GAS..essentials..whatever...there is real power in that....hurting someone in the hip pocket and essentials for living is more than shutting of a twitter account or facebook...Belarus corrupt government even shuts off the power in some areas...Perhaps this is what Biden is looking to do to republicans..CHINA has the power grid...think about that...

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