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Feb 13, 2021

preview video on bitchute Click to watch "Breaking Justice" with Rick Martin on Frequency Wars

Have the wheels of justice gone off the rails? Where are all the constitutional civil rights
Constitutional Law Group to defend human freedom, and ensure a bright future for our children. We have created videos to teach you what your rights are, and how you can protect your life.

Lawyer Rick Martin​

Rick Martin, Constitutional Lawyer
I am not a "B.A.R. ATTORNEY" whose first duty is to the court. I am a Constitutional Lawyer with over 30 thousand hours of Law Study and courtroom experience.
  • I am fearless and wise when it comes taking care of my clients.

  • I go after corrupt clerks posing as so-called judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers who violate the public trust and "Our" September 17th, 1787 Constitution for the United States of America.

The Constitution Does Not give "We the People" Our rights; Our Creator does.​

The Constitution is the contract between "We the People" and our government.
The Constitution was a contract signed to Limit government and safeguard Our Unalienable Rights from the trespasses of government.
Rick Martin from the Constitutional Law Group is nicknamed 'the Judge Killer' because he has put more corrupt judges and law enforcement officers behind prison walls, than anyone else. He was raised in a law enforcement family, and has studied law for over 30,000 hours. Martin helped tens of thousands of businesses in America stay open, during the criminal lockdowns.He will teach you how the Constitution was created up to prevent the kind of tyranny we are experiencing right now.
This is not only for Americans, but people around the world can learn critical truths from these videos.

· Judges, deputies and attorneys arrested ·
This video shows that we the people have the power to arrest corrupt officials

· you have rights, use them! ·
people who don't know their rights, have no rights
learn your rights, and know how to use them

Learn the Constitution and Know the Law​

If you will Learn The Constitution, you will KNOW the Law. The SUPREME LAW of our land is our Constitution. It is the contract between "We the People" and Our government.

You can download a copy of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution here.
The Constitution was signed for a very specific purpose, which is critical for you to know: to LIMIT government and safeguard Our Unalienable Rights from any and all trespasses attempted by the government that is of The People, by The People, and for The People.

Constitutional Case Law​



Subrogation - Do Not Become Surety INFO
Subrogation - Notice to City-County - Used Later
Subrogation Court Instruction - Stop Legal Attack 02-28-2018
Subrogation Explained
Subrogation Letter To Court Clerk - Simple
Subrogation Notice - Motion to Dismiss

Direct Challenges in Court

As stated in the previous section, we are Constitutionalists and require all public servants, including judges, to abide by their oaths in the performance of their official duties, including those before the court. This protects the American Citizens from government and court abuse, if enforced. The previous challenges are intended to stop any action before it gets to court. Those listed below are intended to be stated or asked by the defendant in court prior to the start of proceedings. They require “yes” or “no” responses; and you must hold the judge, only, to these answers. If you allow him to evade and avoid answering as such, then you, yourself, allow the judge to damage you, your lawful positions and the Powers of and Rights guaranteed in the Constitution to you. As you can see, either a “yes” or “no” answer serves your interests, if you understand the implications.
For the sake of convenience, we shallassume theposition as defendant. Please remember that all public servants serve under limited, delegated authority from the Constitution, by and through the People, for the best interests of the People. The American People must gain courage, en masse, and stand up to and challenge all forms of government, especially the courts, which are supposed to be the last bastion of justice. Since the Constitution cannot conflict with itself, the limited powers delegated to government by the Constitution can never supersede the powers of and Rights guaranteed in the Constitution to The American People. “Authority” is an extremely important word and concept. Nothing lawful can be conducted by government and the courts without Constitutional authority, and government has no authority to disparage your Rights. Keep “authority” in mind as you review the following statements and questions.
These statements and questions can be directed to the judge, for himself, the prosecuting attorney and state witnesses, such as police, etc., and to each one, individually. Not all of these need be made, so we state those which are most appropriate for the circumstances. If both we and our opposition, including the judge, fully understand the very serious, lawful positions and Constitutional implications of the statements and questions, usually, only the first three are needed for Constitutional justice to be served.
1. When the judge asks if the parties are ready to proceed, we say, “No, not just yet, sir (or madam), I have a few matters I need to clarify before we begin.” Then we make the statements we think most appropriate.
A. You and the prosecutor have taken oaths of office to support and uphold the Constitution of the united States of America and that of this state. Is that correct?
B. Pursuant to your oaths, you are required to abide by those oaths, in the performance of your official duties, especially those before this Honorable Court. Is that correct?
: If the judge, or the prosecuting attorney or other state witnesses say “no”, then, obviously, they must be disqualified and/or removed from the bench, position or impeached as witnesses, along with their testimonies, for obvious reasons. This answer is evidence that the one who answered “no” will not abide by his oath in the performance of his official duties, therefore, by his own answer, his oath is meaningless to him. He is a traitor and a danger to the American People, and must be removed from power.
The American Citizen is guaranteed due process of law in all court proceedings and actions before government. If a judge were to answer “no” to the above confirming questions, then, it is obvious that he does not intend to uphold due process of law and Rights guaranteed to the Citizens. In such a situation, we would say “Sir, you are required to uphold due process of law. However, by your answer, it appears that you have either taken an oath, but have no intention of abiding by it, or you have not taken an oath of office, as required by the Constitutions. In either event, your answer demonstrates that you will not uphold due process of law and protect my Constitutionally secured Rights, which are guaranteed to me during these proceedings. Therefore, sir, you are disqualified. Step down.”
All those who have taken oaths are required to answer “yes”. This answer is consistent with the requirements under the oath, the bond which binds the oath and requirements of the Constitutions. A “yes” answer means that ALL actions taken by the public servant, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE must be consistent with Constitutional requirements, specific to the Bill of Rights. If the public servant’s past actions failed this, and if those actions are used in an action or as evidence against the defendant, then those actions were not taken pursuant to his oath and were done in opposition to Constitutional requirements. Therefore, the public servant perjured his oath, invoked the self-executing Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment, vacated his office, and forfeited all benefits of that former office, including salary and pensions. All charges must be dismissed, with prejudice.
He must be disqualified from his position, and if he is acting as a witness, he and his testimony must be impeached and all his unconstitutional, unlawful actions and evidence against the defendant must be denied, and the charges dismissed. All present and future actions by the judge and court must be conducted pursuant to the Constitutions, federal and state. In this situation, if you are fully aware of your Rights and the full extent of the implications of the “yes” answer, you will prevail. However, if the judge were to then violate his answer by his statements and actions during the proceedings, we must inform him of his answer and his Constitutional requirements thereto, and of his liability, if he were to fail in his duty to uphold his oath.
2. I appear before this Honorable Court, by special appearance, as a living, breathing natural-born American Citizen, on the land, with and claiming, all Rights guaranteed to me in the federal and state Constitutions, and with my name properly spelled only in upper and lower case letters.
After this is stated, we wait a few seconds to look at the prosecutors and the judge, then, we say:
Is there any objection to what I just stated?

No Public Servant is your Master​

Foolish Americans

Know that we have 3 different Constitutions:​

3 Constitutions (Word doc)

The US Constitution and Money​

The US Constitution and Money (pdf)

Globalist billionaires and trillionairs have been planning for decades to install a New World Order, under the disguise of a worldwide pandemic
he purpose of this plandemic is to seize all freedoms and rights from humanity, and implement a new world of totalitarian control. All essential freedoms are being taken from the people: the freedom of speech, medical freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of gathering, freedom of earning an income, freedom of bodily integrity, and so on. At the same time untested, experimental, life threatening vaccines are being forced on all of humanity.
Human freedom is replaced by global tyranny, by multibillionaires who control governments, media, and health industries.

The second objective is the Great Reset, also called Build Back Better. Lockdowns are used to destroy the middle class and small businesses, and plunge humanity in poverty. Then the globalist solution will be offered: give up all private possessions, rent everything, in return for cancellation of all debt. The world will be given a basic income.
Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum is a driving force behind this great reset. In the following short clip he summarizes their plans:
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Dip Stick

Senior Member
Jan 9, 2021
Sorry, I missed something somewhere at some point! So we're back to abiding by the Constitution now?

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