Transhumanism is Tied to CCP development of ANTI-Aging mRNA technology

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Last Cowboy

Feb 13, 2021
@Mark E. Jeftovic These links plays right into your Transhumanism theory ....
Listen to Elon Musk @24:12 forward to get his take on Reverse Human Aging , and how AI Robotics is a Worry ,
When you watch Plant Lockdown by Catherine Austin Fitts below link , she explains the Plan to transform society into a AI Robotic supply system with a Depopulated world society that will be left to manage the robotic system of production for the Ruling class society .
Would you like to have science choose your baby's eye color or be a better athlete ? Genome CRISPR Editing is on the way and is part of the reverse aging technology being worked on ,

The CCP is inventing this New ANTI-AGING Utopian mRNA so they are willing to advance Tyranny to Form the One World Order NOW while they depopulate the grunts of society with the OTHER Vaccine !!!! ATTENTION Notice ALL the names of the Inventors , PAY ATTENTION to the word " senescence "

Heres the same publication at the US NIH site ,
This is a Chinese university working on the reverse aging Technology of CRISPR ,
This shows the On Going work in to the altering of the CRISPR Genome , ,

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