Transition Begins: Biden Plans A Kamala Harris Road Show

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
Doddery old Joe Biden isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. His gaffes and garble are soaring to orbit. The faraway look in his eyes is growing dimmer. The public is noticing.

He called himself a transition president. He presumably joked that he’d resign if he ever disagreed with Harris. But much sooner than anyone thought, a Hollywood style starlet build-up for Vice President Kamala Harris is beginning as if to prepare the public for his replacement.

Start with this International Women’s Day tweet from someone at the controls of the Twitter account of senile old Joe:

But Biden’s aim seems to be to foster a presidential transition. Harris is everywhere with him, as if to appeal to black voters that he’s not the insensitive old white guy given to making racially insensitive statements, which he is, but actually a placeholder for Kamala.

As here:

And he seems to be delegating the presidential responsibilities of duty to her.

It gets worse: Biden also is putting on this strange event described by Politico:



New Member
Mar 10, 2021
Fogcitymidge - I loved your honesty and openness about everything the pandemic has cost you. I recommend the Audible “First Kill All the Marriage Counselors” by Laura Doyle. Do you want your fun, wonderful, happy relationship back? If you do, you can. Lockdowns don’t have to kill anyone’s marriage. I was truly amazed at what I didn’t know before, that I know now after listening to her book and podcast. She has made all the difference.


Feb 6, 2021
Silly me almost said I don't recall a WANNA BE "American President" stealing an election 😅😅😂 what the hell was I thinking LOL
I meant to THINK LOL I dont recall another #IMPOSTER BUT that TOO would be wrong!!! I consider his clone vs drugged days an imposter lol
That said, I DON'T Recall a full time drugged up "hoax president" but I wouldn't be surprised after the past 5yrs lol

@Any rate, have no fear!! I'll supply the class with the goods!! #COUPmala #BarfBags included! LoL


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Jan 10, 2021
So the Dems will trade in the “antiques “ roadshow for Kamala’s circus.....sure, let’s go with that....


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