Trump and the Election of 2020.

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Jazon Panther. Ph.D.

Well-known Member
Jan 13, 2021
Atlantis & the Endless Isles
§1. Steady Socialization.

¶1. The U. S. became steadly more socialized, fragmented, and regimented, throughout the past century.

¶2. The teaching and writing of U. S. history, especially the textbooks, do not accurately reflect what happened. Major areas, such as politics, economics, culture, and the Ideas of spirit and intellect are seldom if ever related in any meaningful fashion; if so, in esoteric specialist studies. The best work of recent vintage is Christopher Lasch. The True and Only Heaven. 1991.

This book is not only quite readible, like all of his books that I have read, but very perceptive in its account of how socialism has affected and infected nearly every strand in our social fabric.

¶3. The field of history is so fragmented that it is difficult to achieve any major synthesis of the history of the past two or three hundred years that makes much sense. I speak as one with a graduate degree in history.

¶4. Our wars, both the major ones, and the interminable smaller ones, have been fought to benefit the super rich, not to save the Republic. Our soldiers may have been brave, and fought for good motives, but by and large they were sacrificed to make the world save for corporateocracy and the super rich: business as usual: buying and selling the bodies and lives of men (women, and children) as it tells us of the great Whore in the book of Revelation.

¶5. The system is now so corrupt, so bankrupt, in all senses, physical, monetary, moral, and spiritual, that it has lost credibility and meaning for its participants. Rampant corruption means it has lost vitality, and will succumb to any significant threat, in this case most likely the banditti of the Chinese Communist Party, to which the most egregious current corruption can be traced.

¶6. This means that it is a matter of time until our government falls unless something is done.

¶7. Since this government cannot be remade — it is past all hope — we must regrow the tree of liberty if we expect to enjoy its fruits.

§2. A Military Solution is Possible.

¶1. The U. S. Military, like all such organizations, is highly political. It has, however, most admirably, managed to stay out of domestic politics for over 200 years, with the unfortunate exception of the years 1861 - 1865 and its aftermath.

¶2. There is plenty of corruption in the U. S. Military, but so far as I can determine it is venal, but not (yet) systemic as in civilian politics and government. There are still not only many patriots in the military; but the basic core is patriotic — I might say "to the core".

¶3. The Military is in this case our "last best hope".

¶4. It is my understanding that after the illegitimate election of Barry Soweto, born in Kenya (yes, it is true) that the military, after suffering the assaults by this man on its very integrity, was in such a state that the deep patriotic core of the military decided on a coup.

¶5. Hitler provoked the Canaris Conspiracy. Count von Stauffenberg exploded a bomb in his bunker, which injured, but did not kill him. Bonhoeffer took part, as did a heroic group of students known as the White Rose. This was patriotism at its best, and they all suffered death as a result; their stories should be better known.

¶6. Our military decided upon a similar course rather than risk decimation under Hillary Clinton, who seemed certain of a stolen election; machines with Dominion source code. They were too sure of the result.

¶7. Donald Trump won that election by a much bigger landslide than the "official" results showed if you subtract the 15% or so that was added for Hillary. When Trump won that made a different scenario possible; cooperation between Trump and the Military would make a civilian solution possible.

§3. The Plan: A Civilian Solution. It is possible?

¶1. In a Republic, as we have observed in so many other countries, a civilian solution to an internal disorder is nearly always preferable to a military solution.

¶2. Military solutions nearly always result in death: that is what armies are for. Sometimes military interference produced a bloodbath: this leave hard feelings that last for generations, as in our big war that began in 1861.

¶3. The Democrats cheated in the midterm elections. That is the most likely explanation of how they regained control of the House. They tried to get rid of Trump for four years: He and his advisors knew they would cheat in the 2020 election.

¶4. Trump is not the kind of man to sit around without a plan and wait to be axed. Trump is the McGyver of Politics; he always has something besides a Swiss Army Knife up his sleeve. In fact he is a master waving and pointing with one hand while the other does something very skillful and clever. You might say, the right hand does know what the left hand is doing.

¶5. The Army Knife this time is literally the U. S. Military. They are there to guarantee the true results of the 2020 election. That Trump will be inaugurated there should be little doubt. The only question will be the method by which it is accomplished, and when.

¶6. I am not in possession of any special information. I have to read the evidence to the best of my ability, just like almost everyone else. Some have called this a Sting Operation, and indeed it is a sting of massive proportions. But the way I interpret it is as a series of stings.

¶7. Because our whole system, not merely Congress, but particularly the Courts, is so corrupt, it is only by showing that even in the face of overwhelming evidence the President could not get a fair hearing, then the populace would lose all faith in the system and demand a remaking of the system from the ground up.

¶8. So far the local officials in the states have shown they are not only incompetent, but corrupt: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and others. The Dominion machines and derivative software was at work in probably every state.

¶9. Next the offending state legislatures were shown to be corrupt. They could not acknowledge or turn around obvious corruption, though there were, and still are a few valiant attempts to do so.

¶10. The state courts were shown to be corrupt for the most part, especially at the Appelate levels.

¶11. The Supreme Court of the United States, and particularly John Roberts, has been shown to be compromised and corrupt.

¶12. We all know Mitch McConnell and his Communist Party partner Elaine Chao are corrupt, and Nancy Pelosi and gang; but the extent of the corruption in Congress was tested on 6th Jan. This is where we are now. I never expected Congress to pass this test; but some individual members showed their patriotism, good sense, and perhaps still heroism (if such is possible to a Congressperson). Mark Twain wouldn't have thought it possible!

§4. A Republic — If You Can Keep It!

¶1. We have leadership. President Trump has showed remarkable resiliancy and determination in the face of an almost daily onslought of public and private media and personal depreciation.

¶2. President Trump has accomplished every campaign promise made before his election. Even Reagan did not raise the 55MPH speed limit, a Republican plank, nor (more importantly) rid us of the Department of Education; instead it grew under Terrell Bell, who was told to ax it! Trump's accomplishments in this respect alone are without precedent in our politics.

¶3. The attacks of the media and others, which claim Americans want unity (and they do) and which they thought were undermining Trump, were in fact uniting the people for him: the people realized that Trump in charge, without the swamp root culture entangling him, is the only way we will ever get any kind of unity. Trump's massive win not only surprised the "Establishment" (hence the ham-handed trucking in of "ballots" at the last minute): Trump literally swamped the planned algorithms of the voting machine masters.

¶4. Trump's massive popularity surprised them because they thought their propaganda was causing us to see things their way.

¶5. They could have asked us, instead of rigging false polls. People have native intelligence and tend to know when something is fishy and they are being bamboozled. No one really believes this was an honest election, except a few "journalists" who have not been off their haunches in years, reporting to us, second-hand, what their editors tell them to write, and what they have fished off the internet to support that point of view.

¶6. Now that we have won they claim that the election could not possible have been compromised; though the Russian interference hoax directly contradicted it.

¶7. We do not need another election. We won. There is incontrovertable proof of that. The Department of Homeland Security and the CISA have it. Trump has it, and it is obvious that he is not anxious about the result. He has shown no signs that he is giving up the fight.

¶8. It is not a fight about the election; he won it, and he has the Military to back it up. Trump will be inaugurated. The question is now one of integrity. Is our entire government corrupt? Are there pockets that can be saved? Are the people corrupt? Do we deserve to be taken over by the Communists?

¶9. If Trump wins without our support we will not deserve a Trump victory. It will not be our victory, and we will still be like children in a good school with no say in how it is run; that means it will be corrupt again as soon as Trump leaves in a few years.

¶10. If we can gain a legal path to victory through the Courts and Congress, that is good and well. There are, however, other legal paths to victory, but the people, and particularly the most active part of the people, who know what the results of failure mean for us as a country, must take matters into our hands. It is we who must insure the results, and not wait for military action.

¶11. This must not be merely a revolution, a turning of the wheel; this must be a Making-Again. We must put our government on a new footing, demand strict limits to its size and scope, and take back the rights and freedoms that have been usurped, actually since the Whisky Rebellion that began in 1791. That was the true origin of federal government encroachment on state and individual rights. Go study.

¶12. Trump is the person to do this. As a businessman of fame and ability he needs to lead us to a type of government that will do the people necessary business efficiently and quickly, and then butt out.

¶13. Ronald Reagan, quoting Thomas Paine, once said: “We have it within our power to begin the world over again.”

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again. A situation, similar to the present, hath not happened since the days of Noah until now. The birthday of a new world is at hand, and a race of men, perhaps as numerous as all Europe contains, are to receive their portion of freedom from the event of a few months." Common Sense. 1776.

¶14. At the time pundits complained that Reagan — and Paine — had overestimated the extent to which their world can be remolded. They were right. It can only be broken and replaced with something better. That cannot be socialistic fascism, but something more like what the Founders intended than what they got.

¶15. The Federalists, such as Hamilton, the anti-Federalists, who predicted all of these dire things that have come to pass, lost, along with Jefferson, who was a Federalist who felt there should be a revolution every 20 years or so. Since those did not happen very often, for all practical purposes he falls into the anti-Federalist camp.

§5 Beginning the World Again.

¶1. There are lots of ideas for improvement of the world; none of the inventors ever had to present a working model.

¶2. We need to listen to everyone who has enough sense to have something to say; and we have to hear it before we can decide.

¶3. We can never, for this point on, leave government to the "experts". It is simply too important.

¶4. We need as little government as possible, consistent with safety and good sense.

¶5. We need to topple the corrupt Chinese Communist Party to bring any kind of peace to earth. There is a Chinese Government in exile, with a blue flag, that is ready to govern, so soon as the tyrannical party in power is dissolved. This I feel is also in Trump's calculations, and a worthy accomplishment that would be for him as a great benefactor of the human race; much greater than Reagan's tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

¶6. Many of the corrupt are merely weak. They cannot be permitted to rule, but they may be allowed to live and contribute.

¶7. Those who are committed socialists / fascists should face the consequences of treason. As T. E. Lawrence wrote: An opinion can be argued with, a conviction is best shot.

¶8. I have many opinions about the topics I have mentioned, and many others relating to government and society in general the worth of which are as they may be.

¶9. I have a strong convition that President Donald Trump is the man who will lead us to make the necessary changes in our government, our society, and our way of life, to create something that will last long beyond our own lifetimes and be a blessing to our descendents and those who follow in this country, possibly for centuries to come. That kind of change can come not through military action, but only through the active participation of citizen-soldiers. This is the ideal, and should be the ultimate result of the Plan.


— וישבו איש תחת גפנו ותחת תאנתו
ואין מחריד
כי פי יהוה צבאות דבר

Then shall abide each man under his own vines and under his own figs —
and there shall be no terrorism
— indeed, the mouth of Javé of Armies says so.

Micah 4. 4. my translation.


Certification of fraud carries punishment sometimes greater than perpetuating the fraud itself, for it strikes at the very heart of the integrity of the justice system. I was once a notary; certification of fraud had consequences I was careful to avoid, so I always checked signatures by watching the signing, and checking the signature against official identification.

I was once a magistrate, an elected official known as Justice of the Peace, a mainstay of the Republic, and the primary reason, as Adam Smith pointed out in his Wealth of Nations. 1776. that the government of England was conducted so inexpensively — for my pay was exactly zero. Though the rewards were nonexistent, the penalties for certifying fraud were fine or imprisonment, or possibly both. So why isn't Congress in prison? 500 officials certifying a fraud does not change the fact of fraud. It means that the rascals who certified it need to be brought swiftly to justice. It means it is time for the people and its guardians to act to save the country from its internal enemies, those falsly sworn to protect it. It is our mission to protect and reclaim our country.


The fact that he won the election in a landslide victory means that Donald J. Trump is in fact the President of the country no matter what Congress or anyone else says.

Symbolic actions are important. We need to avoid doing anything which give the people now seated in the Old Capitol of Washington any legitimacy. That is why I refer to it as the Old Capitol. The New Capitol is de facto where ever President Donald Trump is. At present that is Mar-a-Lago. It will be in fact where ever Trump and his entourage travel.

We need to support Pres. Trump in all of our actions, continue to refer to him as the President and the other guy as a laughable imposter. The country is waiting for the President to take action to resume his legitimate status and powers.

As Commander in Chief we need him to take control of the military and protect our country, and others, such as Formosa (Taiwan) from danger. We need him to act to preserve the country from economic harm inflicted by traitors and imposters. We request he will take action to undo the harm inflicted by violent protesters and anarchists. We need to pray that he will accept the leadership that the vast majority of the country has entrusted to him, and pray that God will give him the ability to lead us out of this current deadly situation.

If the President does not accept this responsibility he breaks faith with the American people, with those who voted for him legitimately, and especially with the Million Guardians of the Republic who accepted his invitation and weathered the Storm at the Old Capitol. If he does not then he has put us in jeopardy unnecessarily, and has allowed the state action and arrests used to try to intimidate us to bring fear into the hearts of the rest of the nation. This fear of revenge to be taken by the traitors who plotted this is a major cause of loss of confidence among patriots.

The President can become the leader we need if he will come out and claim the position the American people have offered him overwhelmingly. He can dissolve the perplexity that surrounds us by sounding the clarion call. He can lead us to a bloodless victory by asserting his claim to the highest office in the land now improperly occupied by an imposter. This is the time to strike before the liberal traitors get a choke-hold on all of the offices and powers in the land.

We will never give up. We will not back down. We will give every ounce of blood and treasure rather than be slaves of the blood-money cesspool that the Old Capitol has become. It has no legitimacy and no connection to the will of the people. The minions of high corporate dominion do not represent their districts nor the people as a whole, but themselves, their liberal ideology and status quoism, and their corporate masters.

Let us wipe the slate clean, choose a New Capitol and with legitimate leadership let us rebuild a new government of the people, and by the people, so help us God. Let us pray and act that this may be speedily accomplished. May God give us the grace and guts to carry out this mission.

It will not be easy, but that is what we are called to do.
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