Trump Gets Revenge On Biden

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Jan 9, 2021
Joe Biden, the puppet whose strings are being pulled by the CCP (his owners) stumbled in a moment that is symbolic
of how our country itself is stumbling under this coup d'etat by the Democrats/China. Too bad that he didn't fall all the way down the stairs - the metaphor would have been even more perfect.

From Biden...then to Blinken, another idiot. His was the sorriest performance of a government official in recent memory. He and his comrades just sat there in Alaska, mouths agape, while they were browbeaten and tongue-lashed by their owners as well (the CCP). They were unprepared, and weak.

Like jackals, our enemies have sensed our weaknesses. They know our government is utterly corrupt. They know it has no moral authority. Having stolen the election, our politicians have no legitimacy - they are paid by China, so who are they to criticize their real employers, the Chinese? This goes for Pelosi, McConnell, Swalwell, Feinstein, Biden, Obama, Clinton, and a thousand more names.

Our nation has fallen.
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