Truth Unmuted Publishes The Deadly Economics of th New World Order Economy

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Well-known Member
Jun 23, 2021
Good morning CitizensLiberty,

I see that you've been around here for a while but believe that this is the first time I've encountered you on this forum. I'll just share this, and you can do with it what you will: As a rule, I generally decline to participate, or even open a link , in a post where the poster has posted none of his or her own thoughts. There is so much news out there, and so little time, that I typically make the choice to limit my interaction with posters who let the community know why they want us to review the link. What makes it important enough for us to carve out some of that limited and very valuable time to watch the video or read the article or opinion piece? I responded to you with this bit of constructive commentary for two reasons: first, because I haven't interacted with you before, and second because I gravitate toward economic discussions. Finally, a poster presenting his or her own written perspective is also a good way for the community to weed out the trolls and bots,

Again, it's your choice to either consider or ignore this commentary, either is perfectly fine.


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