trying to reason, a blood sport, even cancer cures are rejected....nothing we say can penetrate the veiled minds.

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
when I was young, I came across a cure for glioblastoma....and no one I shared it with wanted to know...

it was a staggering...puzzling took me years to get over it...

now, when I share, I try to give examples, because some countries actually use this cure...but not america, america won't make money ergo why share.

Yesterday, I ran into it again....a christian who STILL thinks the left is right......despite years of dropping hints and info.

So, for years this one rejects anything other believers has to say....

so then their loved one gets cancer....and I go yeah, God's providing a real open door...

so I said, het, I know something that works...something the docs use on themselves (and each other) and have for 30 years, BUT they never told the public. want to know what it is?

NOPE, don;t tell me, and do NOT contact my loved one....

are you getting this?? A person, who CLAIMS to pray, CLAIMS to know God, claims to be fellow "believer" can NOT LISTEN to a fellow believer who A. was in medicine and B. wants to save a life.

the great delusion is upon us...these folks are even afraid of curing cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow Even when I tell them I have seen tumors time, an ortho I was working for got an orange on his heart...and a month was gone...this couple still did not want to know.


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