Tucker: How Long Until The Leftist Mobs Tear Down Homes And People?

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
The country is burning while Democrats express their support for violent rioters and there is a looming possibility that the mobs will soon invade the suburbs.

At no time in the nation's history has constitutional government been under attack as it is today and never before has the future of the republic itself hung in the balance with tyranny only an election away from kicking down the door.

Fox News ratings king Tucker Carlson is warning that the toppling of statues will only be an appetizer for the carnage to come once the Democrats' paramilitary arm grows bored of destroying the cities.

On Friday, in the latest example of how Democrat mayors have allied themselves with the street mobs, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot signed off on the city's removal of two statues of Christopher Columbus at sites where violent anarchists rioted and attacked police.

With the statues not only being targeted by criminals but also by Dem machine officials like Lightfoot, it is only a matter of time until they begin to go after the innocent citizens who have been left vulnerable by their police forces which have been neutered by Dems.

According to Tucker:

“The problem for the rest of us is, the mobs will not stop with Christopher Columbus. He’s just the beginning. If they can tear down statues whenever they feel like it, how long before they tear down buildings? How long before they tear down homes? How long before they tear down human beings? Probably not very long."

Chicago has become a war zone with more shootings than most third-world countries including a mass shooting of mourners at an area funeral home last week - they were there to pay their last respects to a shooting victim.

Carlson was loaded for bear and blasted Mayor Lightfoot with both barrels.


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