TUCKER: Who is Liz Cheney and what does she stand for?

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Feb 6, 2021
Fair enough question, but coming from a “mouthpiece” who said when SCOLDING MAGA/Trump supporters (post 6 Jan 2021): “NO ONE MAN IS WORTH THAT MUCH DEVOTION” is a man to be IGNORED.

The facts about the complicity of Pelosi, FBI, “All Lives Splatter,” ANTIFA, as well as John Sullivan (who was paid $70K for exclusive access to his “siege vids” by NBC & CNN) had NOT even come to light!

Tucker works for the enemy (Fox News) and any of you still watching him need to take the RED PILL, post haste!


Feb 6, 2021
Her father is a war criminal, as Steve said yesterday. Blood on his hands. The apple don’t fall far from the tree. These are Satan’s minions.
We must remember President Reagan’s 11th Commandment!

This a slanderous, libellous & unfounded statement about a HARD-CORE REPUBLICAN: VPC!

VPC was “fighting terror” and “cleaning up” messes that:

1. “W” left in the present (circa 2008)
2. Colin Powell left “us” from the FIRST GULF WAR!

Blame “W.” Blame the Pentagon for military adventurism (blame C. Powell for that matter), but don’t trash ONE of the ONLY leaders who worked to exit “never ending wars,” while: fighting terror, our Cold War adversaries (still), and this new (and still existent) “Axis of Evil;” all-the-while attempting to lay the groundwork for FUTURE, Republican administrations!

Fun fact: By 2008, cleaning up “W’s” mess was a full-time job leading to VPC throwing punches @ “W” over the Resolute Desk!

All the Bush’s ARE Globalist, NWO “guys,” just like Biden! VP Cheney disliked Biden and HATED Senator Sanders, who (ALWAYS) accused VPC of War Crimes!

Instead of casting aspersions, we should consider all the HARD CALLS on National Security that were made in “real time,” and then gather ALL the facts (not just the convenient MSM narratives) before calling someone a: WAR CRIMINAL!”

VP Cheney worked to repair the damage left by the Carter Administration under Reagan (in Congress), and in the Bush 41 & Bush 43 administrations!

We should heed Reagan’s Commandment, and further, not parrot “political-propaganda!” The above slander toward VPC is ignorant, devoid of facts, and unwarranted.

Let’s pick our targets more carefully, esp. when we’re not present nor have evidence of such baseless allegations!

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