United American Counties. Government for a New America

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Jazon Panther. Ph.D.

Well-known Member
Jan 13, 2021
Atlantis & the Endless Isles
United American Counties

American political principles need to be embodied in a new political Union at the County level. This is what the United American Counties could be. The principles of this new Union would be the principles of the Declaration of Independence, along with certain corollaries to these principles that elaborate its true meaning:

1. Limited and local government is the foundation of a genuine republic.
2. The natural right to religious liberty—of both worship and exercise—exists beyond politics, taking precedence over all rights merely positive, civil, or legal.
3. The natural right to life for all human beings at all ages and stages of development, including before birth, is entitled to recognition, respect, and protection.
4. The natural family begun in marriage between one man and one woman is the cornerstone of society.
5. The right to private property is fundamental, and should only be regulated as absolutely necessary to maintain free markets, equal opportunity, and the fair reward of industry and merit.
6. All citizens should be educated to understand the meaning and importance of American political principles, and equipped to become informed, active participants in our local, regional, and national systems of government.
7. Citizenship in the United American Counties is available to all who understand, profess, and commit to uphold the principles in this Declaration, regardless of national origin, racial or ethnic identity, or religious belief.

The situation in 1776 dictated the Revolution. Our situation in 2020 dictates the creation of a new political means for realizing the principles of the American Revolution. Every state has the urban blight of élitism. Urban America has already seceded from the United States of America that many of us know and love. We need to leave them behind.

Counties, corrupt as they are, can be cleaned up at the local level, and this seems to offer the best chance for change to remove the urban élites that now control American life. It could be the best shot at a new American in this time of trouble.

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