Update: Disregard Post. I found exactly what I need on Rumble to watch missed full episodes later.

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David N.

New Member
Mar 11, 2021
Updated ( since I can't delete thread totally ) --- I found numbered full episodes via Rumble. Thanks.

Original Post:
The audio podcasts are numbered, and this makes it easy to track and follow missed episodes.

However, when I am able to actually watch an episode (on America's Voice)--I would really appreciate seeing the episode number-instead of just the episodes listed per day.
To watch episodes in the proper sequence, I must revert to opening the earliest unplayed audio episode (on my audio device) and then try to find a match on (a video feed) America's Voice.
Note: The descriptions do not match so I can't go by these either.

Can you please request America's Voice to indicate the episode number?

Thank you very, very much for this consideration.
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