Useful site for troubled times: Bible Gateway

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Jan 9, 2021
I was brought up as a Catholic Christian but left the church and gradually strayed away from God, in part because of all the hypocrisy that I saw and personally experienced as a youth and ever since. For example, our parish priest was always telling us that we were sinners and were going to go to Hell, that nothing we did was worthy enough.

Well, that sort of negativity weighs heavily on a child's mind. Especially so when that
priest (his name was Ivan Rovira) was found to have raped altar boys and abused children, even in the rectory of the church. I was not personally the victim of his abuse, but I was lucky. He was hugely powerful in the community, very charismatic. Then he was eventually found out to be a pedophile and fled to Mexico. Even there he continued his crimes. Maybe still.

I have no respect for the Catholic church hierarchy now. But there are still good people in the church, mostly lay people.

Long story short, a while back, I wanted to come back to the Lord and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Patriots, a site which I have found which has helped me is

At Bible Gateway you can look up scripture in the various different versions. For example, the old beloved King James Version or more modern translations. I have even had scripture read to me at night, like an audible book. It has even helped me reduce my drinking recently to just one drink per night. I am smoking less.

As a broken sinner searching for Truth, I just thought that I would share this. These are dark times but we always have a friend in Jesus.
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Jan 29, 2021
Portland, Oregon
It’s good. App is mobile bible, tools, references and scripture search. Works great. Using since 2016

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