Vaccine issues

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Mar 18, 2021
Much is unknown about CCP viruses and/or about vaccines for them. Two versions of vaccine have come to the fore. mRNA and “vectored” adenovirus.
Since both types of vaccine are designed to work only with human immune response, animal testing was skipped over. Normally in vaccine development, special hybridized animals must be developed to mimic human disease responses for testing vaccines. This process can take months.
In order to speed the process, human fetal cell lines from abortions performed 40+ years ago have been used to test “proof of concept” or have been used to process adenovirus to add the corona virus “spike”protein. So with Johnson and Johnson/Merk or with AstraZeneca we get the worst of worlds: ethically dubious methods resulting in partial immunity to allow people to be carriers of disease to others.
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