Venezuelan Dictator Maduro Celebrates: 'We Beat' Trump

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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
WHO IS ‘WE?’ The “GLOBALISTS” ARE IN FULL CONTROL NOW. THEY LOST 4 Years and Biden is ramping up all the atrocities they can in a short short time. The military is there in case Americans finally wake up to what is really going on. American WILL become Venezuela Very soon. Famine to hit America hard and swift. Seen all those innocent God loving Venezuelans on their knees digging through trash for food? Well welcome to Amerizuela.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro took to national television in his native country to celebrate the departure of former President Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump has left, we beat him, Venezuela's victory," Maduro told his countrymen on Wednesday, per Breitbart. "The culture, identity, and rebelliousness of Venezuela has triumphed. Trump leaves but the Empire remains.”

During his four years in office, Trump publicly opposed socialism and repeatedly referred to Maduro as a ruthless dictator.

In his televised appearance, Maduro also mentioned President Joe Biden, who as vice president met the Venezuelan leader.

"A man who is willing to fix the problems of his country," Maduro said of Biden. "He has said that they are living a great crisis and has called for the unity of Americans.

"Trump leaves, the [U.S.] remains, but Venezuela remains as well — on its feet, dignified, rebellious, and victorious, and we should tell the United States we want to improve relations in a relationship of respect, of mutual recognition, in a relationship of the future."

Maduro, who in 2015 accused Biden of personally orchestrating a failed assassination plot against him, also urged the new president to seek "respectful" relations with Venezuela.

So far, Biden appears to have little interest in changing Trump's Venezuela policy.

President Juan Guaido has been Venezuela's legitimate head of state since 2019. But Maduro has retained full control of the military, preventing Guaido from exercising any executive power except for sending ambassadors to democratic countries who recognize his legitimacy.

Biden invited Guaido's U.S. ambassador, Carlos Vecchio, to Wednesday's inauguration.

In November, Maduro said support of Guaido cost Trump the election.

"Trump's failure in Venezuela cost him the election," Maduro said then. "The man guilty of the defeat of Donald Trump has a first name and last name in Venezuela — his name is Juan Guaido."

During the campaign, Biden accused Trump of being soft on Maduro, despite extensive sanctions mounting on the dictator and his closest officials.

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Senior Member
Jan 10, 2021
YES....I guess you lying piece of SCUM.....however.....BEAT is not the right word....if you want to tell the truth....which...of course...IS NOT IN YOUR LEXICON.....nor is...... THE TRUTH..... anywhere NEAR your sphere of living and breathing on the face of this earth.......but....IF IF chance.....the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD...were to wash over you......pull the... DARK AND EVIL.... VEIL... THAT COVERS AND SURROUNDS YOU NOW.....and GOD gave you the ability to actually... SEE the REAL DO NOT SEE....but....if that VEIL was pulled WON SCUM OF THE seeking the DEFINITION of EVIL...would find YOUR PICTURE in the SCUM OF THE EARTH.......DONALD J. TRUMP.... WON back.... the WHITE HOUSE in a LANDSLIDE......IN A HUGE...AMERICAN...WE LOVE THIS DAMN COUNTRY....LANDSLIDE.
We...OUR SIDE....HAVE the PROOF.....WE.....OUR SIDE.....KNOW THE GAME YOU PLAYED....along with some pretty bad actors around the your EVIL GAME because......WE HAVE GOD ON OUR SIDE......and.....GOD ALWAYS WINS...!!!!!!!!!!!......stay evil....scum of the EARTH.....whew....there.....I FEEL BETTER....!!!!!!!!!

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