Voting Machines and ballots!

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Feb 13, 2021
Everyone who has followed the "Real Stories" related to the 2020 Election know with almost absolute certainty the election was rigged and stolen! What I find it truly hard to believe that after all these months, we or should I say "the powers to be" have still not gotten their hands on all the voting machines and the ballots. I understand some wish to follow the laws in a sense, but when you have blatant fraud, you get a JUDGE to sign off on a search and seizure warrant and go get the *&* stuff! It is public property if I am not mistaken, and regardless if a county entered into a contract with an entity for an election, criminal activity should TRUMP this and allow the seizure! What are they going to do? Elliott Ness would get the job done!

I bring this all up with latest news that a Judge again ordered Maricopa County to hand over the ballots etc... Instead of continuing to litigate this go get it already! Georgia is another prime example, we know what happened at State Farm Arena. I'd love to know where things stand?

It very well may be that Sydney and others have obtained some of these things, but leaving 75,000,000 Americans in "the dark" for much longer is not good for any soul!
My only hope now is all this voting equipment and ballots in all battleground states are secured?

Hope and patience?
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