Walled and Wired Capitol

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Panman 313

Feb 4, 2021
Let me 'splain to you the reason behind the actions and the genuine irreverence heaped upon the American people by the very persons who swore an oath to protect ,serve, and defend them (us). You see, they are scared ***tless, now that their treachery and deception has been laid bare for all to see. The depths of self aggrandizement that they have sunk to is beyond all that is acceptable behavior for people in the positions they hold. Witness the irrational behavior that they display more than once a day. From virtually everyone of them. Add to that the people they have chosen to associate with. All of whom deplore our country and way of life. All of whom want to see the destruction of our nation. This, then, is the reason for the armed camp created in our Capitol. Don't buy the bovine excrement of white terrorist gangs, etc. It's another lie to us to cover for the fact they are afraid. Afraid of real Americans, of all races, colors and creeds, marching to our Capitol with torches and pitchforks to remove them, and take our country back.
They are attempting to buy off citizens with all the money that they are spreading around, and sadly many will agree and comply, but I'm seeing more and more Americans saying ENOUGH ! You can purge the military of all you don't think are with you and your lies, but guess what ? It ain't gonna work !
There are very, very ,very many ( I would say pert near all ) of the men and women in our military who will not renege on the oath they swore, to uphold and protect and defend our Country and Constitution, as easily as all of you have. I urge all of you to repent and make amends.
I say this with Love and Forgiveness in my Heart
Your fellow American,
Panman 313

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