War Room Blowing Call on Georgia Election Reform - GARLAND FAVORTO (Georgia Mr. Election Integrity)

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Feb 24, 2021
In Georgia, the man who know the election scene inside and out is GARLAND FAVORITO. He sent this out yesterday:



GA Lawmakers Seek “Wizard of Oz Voting” vs. Election Transparency

GA Omnibus Bills Won’t Prevent Election Fraud Like November 2020…Here’s Why​

by CD Media StaffMarch 2, 202106045

For months after the questionable November, 2020 election results, the Arizona legislature fought hard to implement transparent elections. Their efforts resulted in a court decision last week that should allow a visual and forensic inspection of over two million Arizona ballots cast.

Meanwhile, the Georgia legislature continues to suppress attempts to provide transparent elections as the House and Senate moved HB531 and SB241 “omnibus” bills toward the Senate floor yesterday. Neither of the omnibus bills address election fraud revealed by testimony at a House committee and two Senate sub-committee hearings in December, nor do they address the evidence of fraud defined in court cases filed by Georgia voters at their own expense.

To deceive the public, Republican and Democrat politicians created classic false opposing dialogues. Democrat leaders claim there was no fraud while Republican leaders say they need to implement “voter fraud” prevention measures. The truth is that the November election was riddled with election fraud and related errors as we have briefly outlined in our 1st, 2nd and 3rd installments of our Georgia Election Integrity series. That evidence shows fraud was likely committed not by voters, but by election officials or those close to them.

A key in preventing election fraud by election officials is to is to operate transparent elections that hold them accountable. That means:

  • Making ballot images publicly available on a web site as is done by other jurisdictions;
  • Allowing a small group of electors to request visual ballot inspections including a rescan of ballots for forensic inspection if they supply their own scanning equipment and;
  • Requiring Elections Directors to make an image copy of their election management servers onto media supplied by a group of electors for independent forensic evaluations
These steps can build voter confidence in otherwise untrustworthy elections like those conducted in Georgia and are relatively easy to accomplish. Ballot images can be automatically uploaded to county web sites for public display and an Elections Director needs only to run a one-hour job to make an image copy of their elections server available for forensic inspections.


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