War Room Pandemic - Episode 1118 (7/23/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. Crystal Park checking in.

Thank you Natalie for your beautiful little investigative mind. I hope we have many more young people like you all over America. Fauci calling Rand Paul a liar just shows how worried he is and I hope our politicians and reporters continue the pressure on him.
Does Tom feel that the recall election will be fair? Given the record of cheating by Democrats I hope it doesn't take a toll on the recall vote. California truly needs some common sense guidance. Of course they will still need changes in their state politicians to give any new governor the support they need. But getting rid of Newsome will be a great start.

Steve, I so agree with you and Sheriff Waybourn. The Cartel is just as bad or worse than the Taliban or Isis. When you take a good look, they've killed many more people than 9/11. I've seen drug use up close and I won't go into it but drugs truly destroy in every area of a person's life (the soul drowns in hate, lies, & deceit) and effect all the people around them that want to help. I do so admire Mike Lindell for turning to God and fighting back to become whole again, and promote a recovery network to lift up others who are lost in the world of drugs or alcohol.
I also admire Mike for his great battle to bring the truth forward about the fraudulent election. He backs what he believes (I need to do that) and you can't top that. BACK THIS MAN AND BUY MY PILLOW PRODUCTS! I love my mattress topper, pillows, and beautiful blush sheets 🥰. We love you Mike!!!

Thank you War Room. Thanking Steve, Natalie Winters, Tom Del Becarro, Sheriff Bill Waybourn, and everybody's patriot Mike Lindell. A good hour of information Steve.
As Always Thank you Stephen for everything you do to bring us the truth in a world full of lies and deceit, for simply being a beautiful you. You work hard and it shows. Take care of yourself, I love you, may God always shine his light through you in everything you do. God bless in all ways...
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