War Room Pandemic - Episode 1123 (7/26/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. Absolutely loved your opening and info on Mike Lindell. Great opening!

Thank you Mike for your great dedication. You've never quit and just kept finding the right tech people to work on the computers that tabulated votes. You're a stubborn one but it's been truly to our benefit and you have to be stubborn to conquer alcoholism and drug addition. It's much easier to fall back into that old habit than stand strong with God. I'm like Steve, when I was working if I had a problem with the computer system I would simply pick up the phone, call computer resource and ask them to send Moses over. He fixed everything for me because I'm not a tech expert. You are admired by thousands of deplorables for what you have tried to do for our country as a great cost to you but you never backed down. On the humorous side, you offer 5 million and you're bound to have cyber experts coming out of the woodwork! Thank you Mike!

Thank you Dave Clements. Another stubborn one who will not take no for a answer. We have so many good people fighting for what is honest and right for America. It's so neat to watch but also so necessary! AMERICA FIRST AUDIT on Telegram folks! GO THERE!

Always like to hear from Frank Gaffney. I've watched all the Committee on Present Danger: China presentations and listened to some of his webinars. Worth everyone's time to look into it. Lots of great information.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Mike Lindell, Dave Clements, and Frank Gaffney. A quality hour of information.
As always Thank you Stephen for all your hard work and dedication. You're a beautiful man bringing the truth of our world to many deplorables. Like the man told Fox News, "I get all the information I need from War Room"... love it! Thank you for being you. I love you, please take care of yourself, may you always be blessed and walk in God's light...
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