War Room Pandemic - Episode 1127 (7/27/2021)

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Senior Member
War Room VIP Member
Jun 15, 2021
reckless faggotry.jpg

John Realino

Active Member
Jan 27, 2021
What this little pussy boy, needs to take some testosterone. He acts like a little girl crying about the boy that took his doll! That is why witch Pelosi picked him over some powerful person that will call her out for creating this narrative, and picking a bunch of fake liberals playing the American People as brainwashed idiots. And the democrats may be, but real Americans know the truth!

Lil Chrissie

Well-known Member
Mar 10, 2021
The congressmen and women should have used a blow horn right in the face of the one blowing the whistle. By not finishing the press conference they let them win as usual. It's about time our side started using the same tactics as their side.
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