War Room Pandemic - Episode 1136 (7/30/2021)

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Feb 7, 2021
Time has come Today, Time
Go to your State Capitols and make demands to end this Illegal Biden Regime
Time has come Today, Time
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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. Missed this one so doubling back.

Thank you Ben for all your straight on reporting. What's happening at our borders is inexcusable. Clearly the present administration (Biden & Harris) supports illegals who are not citizens above it's own American citizens. They spit in the face of "we the people". I took college classes with a woman who was raped and had the hell beat out of her in the process. She'll never be completely normal again mentally or physically. They are also subjecting children to this sexual slavery. Why do either deserve that kind of treatment? I would never treat a man that way so why do they use males (yes they rape males), females, and children in such a inhuman way. Why do they think they have the right to defile the human body and mind? It is selfish, sociopathy thinking, truly disrespectful of the sanctity of life and truly evil. SUPPORT SERT! No child deserves this!!!

Our military has become way to 'woke' when they can't predict how their own react. Too much is being kept from the public and even from their own people.

I covered every speaker but must have hit a wrong key because I lost it. I'm not going to try and repeat all of it but I do want to say I enjoyed Raymond because we glean so much from history that is quite relevant to our point in time today.

THANK YOU! Thanking Steve, Ben Bergquam, Jason Sisneros, Boris Epshteyn, Raymond Ibrahim, and Jack Posobiec.
Thank you Stephen for bringing us information we might never hear if it weren't for you. So often I see information you have brought out repeated later on TV news programs. You do a great job of staying ahead of the game and I love it. Thank you for simply being you, for being and doing what God created you for. I love you, take care of yourself, may your light always shine brightly and may you always be blessed...
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