War Room Pandemic - Episode 1138 (7/31/2021)

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Feb 27, 2021
Clay Clark? I just heard him for the first time on 1138 and red flags kept popping to this Bible-believer. Tried to look him up on the web. Very little. Please be very prayerful and careful!


Senior Member
Jan 1, 2021
It is inappropriate to savage Mariah Carey. Clark did not present well. He is an ugly and petite man who craves a beautiful woman due to his unfulfilled desire for her or the men a beautiful woman inevitably attracts. What a weirdo.
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Active Member
Jan 13, 2021
Whether you love him or not, the information he is providing is worthy of consideration to see the other side. Many of his documentaries include facts that are publicly reported and researchable; once you know what you are looking for-

From what I've watched and researched over the past 10 months and through observing Bannon's approach to this entire tragic state of affairs; for Bannon to have him as a guest on his show is very telling to me. Bannon has targeted the most reserved and conservative audience and has not allowed "questionable/far reaching; sounds like a possible conspiracy" on his show.

Frankly; at least from my perspective, my brain and soul was not able to absorb the magnitude of evil quickly. However, since the summer of 2015; I have identified major questionable motives within our national government, policies, etc.; and specifically to healthcare, my doubts and concerns started arising as early as 2009-2010. But not until the election was my rational brain able to slam on my brakes and insist the national narrative had unabashedly become irrational-

At the end of day; I believe most people have lost the ability to trust anything. I have anyway. Although I always believed the government was corrupt and not looking after the best interests of the people, I never dreamed the United States of America could truly end up being the trailer of the Holocaust. That's on me. The vaccine's I pumped into my children, patient's I've guided-believing what had been fed to me. I'm shattered to my core and can't believe my feelings will end up being unique-
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