War Room Pandemic - Episode 1352 (10/21/2021)

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New Member
Oct 1, 2021
Keep fighting, everyone. I am 71 years old. The fight, in my day, was against the Vietnam War. In writing this note, my point is NOT to highlight the particular stance that many Americans took then. My point is the fact that we TOOK a stance, and then KICKED ASS IN THE STREETS until the government finally was forced to listen to us and do what WE SAID to do.

I've been told, by former, high-ranking military friends of mine that military Generals were advising our government to leave Vietnam. Why? Because it was noticed that WE YOUNG PEOPLE were in the streets, and the streets were heating up. The U.S. military advised the government that, if s*** got worse, units of the military, and NOT ONLY the National Guard, might have to be put into the streets. So, the government LEFT Vietnam, because we KICKED ASS. That's the real story. It's not "bragging." It's DUTY.

The point is this: It is now YOUR TURN. Start going into private and public institutions WITHOUT MASKS. Go in IN DROVES, and you'll WIN. Stand up!! Some new BULLSHIT has emerged in YOUR generation, and it is now YOUR TURN to flush the f*ck'n BULLSHIT down into the sewers!! Do NOT allow mask-wearing, and all that crap, to become "normal." Whoever's behind this crap will NOT stop until they get you to roll over and take it in the a*s. Don't roll over. FIGHT until we are walking around FREE again, not wearing masks, and not being the subjects of WHATEVER the f*ck they're experimenting on us for. Take us back to COMPLETE normality. Do not settle for less than that!!!


Feb 20, 2021
Biden has to be the biggest liar in our history.worst president in the history,of U.SA. Don't let him have his pension,through jail key away.
Biden is a pathetic puppet on a string, manipulated by corruption and greed, his own grandiose love of his self.And a duplicate of Barak Obama.
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Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING STEPHEN. GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM. Crystal Park present and accounted for... and you are sounding exceptionally good today Stephen (looking good also)... Sorry I can't see more episodes at the time they are live, just a very busy schedule at the moment........ 100 million downloads doesn't surprise me at all Steve, you're giving the people what they need to know and doing it truthfully, you're preforming a great service for deplorables. A lot of what we find out from you isn't even being covered on main stream media.

Only a idiot would believe that Biden's bills would not cost a penny. He doesn't know how to tell small lies, he tells lies that are impossible for anyone to believe. Biden's voice even sounds creepy. Thank you Teddy. Regular citizens getting involved and I love it! And thank you Mat for helping so many being forced to get vaccines. Our government throwing military personnel out because they're conservative or not vaccinated shows you how low they have sunk. Those people served our country, many in dangerous situations and many for years, and did their duty and they are being disrespected & treated despicably! Nobody should lose their employment over a shot or their private political beliefs, we've always had more than one political party in our country. The party illegally (Steve you only said what all of us believe, thank you) in the White House is a communist dictatorship and a heartless one at that.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM. Thanking Steve, Teddy Daniels, Mat Staver, and Mark Meadows. Liked this hour.
Thank you Stephen persisting in your endeavors to shine light on the truth. The House voted to hold you in contempt but you continue to 'shine' and stand strong, a beautiful David against Goliath, simply being the you God meant you to be. You are near to my heart, be careful and take care of yourself, may God watch over you, guide you, and bless you always in all ways...

P.S. SUPPORT MY PILLOW with promocode WARROOM, purchase Mark Meadows book "The Chief's Chief", join GETTR & follow Steve, and enjoy that beautiful full moon! Thank you! :)
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