War Room Pandemic - Episode 1442 (11/26/2021)

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Active Member
Jan 17, 2021
Why do y’all talk over each other! you have a great show ! You have guests on there and they can’t get a word in ! Why do you have them on there if your not going to let them talk ? shut up and let them talk ! You and Peter are the worst when your both on there at the same time ! One at a time !


Active Member
Feb 13, 2021

3 November Is What Happened And What It Means​

3 November Is What Happened And What It Means​

This is way beyond trying to lay blame on republican party...The president of united states and department heads...are responsible for all of this...You will find NO republican behind this treatment of patriot families...women and children..So attention hosts of show..DO NOT try and use this moment to rip on republican party..


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