War Room Pandemic - Episode 1446 (11/29/2021)

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Tim Fox

Well-known Member
Jan 20, 2021
I took vaccine 3 days prior to finding out the potential side effects; however, I did NOT get the booster scheduled for 6 months after the 2nd jab. I then got Covid 7 months after the 2nd jab. I was only offered early treatment with Monoclonal Antibodies (MA) by Texas MedClinic since they would not recommend Ivermectin of Hydroxycholoroquine. I researched MA and found out that 20% of people getting MA had mild to severe allergic reactions including anaphylaxis. I researched Ivermectin that disclosed severe allergic reactions were RARE! I decided to go with Ivermectin because I did not want to risk anaphylaxis, since I have had severe allergenic reactions to sodium nitrates/nitrites and got treatment just before my throat closed off! Since my doctor and Texas MedClinic would only recommend MA, this put a lot of unnecessary stress on me. I prayed to the Lord and felt I received the message to take Ivermectin and not worry about it.

I got lucky that a friend has not gotten the Vaccine jabs so he found a source to get an Ivermectin prescription. I followed his advice and went on pushhealth.com, had a consultation, and then the script was sent to the pharmacy and I picked it up 4 hours later. I was able to start Ivermectin about 2 days after symptoms started and it worked. I never developed a fever and only lost sense of taste and smell that is coming back, and I am fine 10 days after symptoms began. I agree with Dr. Robert Malone and Peter Navarro that Therapeutics work.

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