War Room Pandemic - Episode 1454 (12/1/2021)

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Feb 13, 2021

Sotomayor Will The Court “Survive The Stench”​

The Malone Navarro plan...is actually just the Malone plan...Navarro will need to use someone else to explain away his early days covid partnerships with faucci and pence and birx...I mean...just look at video of those daily briefings back when covid was new...Navarro is standing right there holding hands with faucci and birxs....



Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM. Good evening Stephen. Back to catch your afternoon hour of War Room.

Enjoying Jack and always like to see Joe Kent. Honestly, Dr. Oz could be a teammate of Oprah, he embraces every new little tidbit that comes out and he's far from conservative or MAGA. Steve, does someone listen to Fauci? Just asking. And you are darn right Joe, we wonder what the heck happened to Republican leadership! We are very tired of them giving us the run around. I'm just mostly quietly listening to all of you converse tonight. Brain is resting :rolleyes: Of course I'm praying for Roe versus Wade to be overturned despite loose cannons like Sotomayor but am quite hopeful. I appreciate all viewpoints and updates. Thank you.

THANKYOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Jack Posobiec, Joe Kent, Peter Navarro, and Boris Epshteyn. Good conversation with good guests.
Thankyou Stephen for giving so much of your time and working so hard to bring the truthful facts to your followers, for remaining the rock we've been able to count on (or at least, I have), for being the beautiful person you were meant to be. Take care of you, you're always near to my heart, may our Heavenly Father always shine his light through you, guide you, watch over you, and bless you always in all ways...

P.S. Watch Jack Posobiec on Human Events (he's on GETTR), oh yes, join GETTR and keep up with Steve, Support My Pillow with promocode WARROOM, buy Dr. Peter Navarro's book "In Trump Time" and smile... God loves you :)

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