War Room Pandemic - Episode 1573 (1/19/2022)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM. Good evening, Stephen. Back to catch all of the 2nd morning hour.

I'm trying to take in all of the information from you men. I'm concerned about the virus in China for their Laobaixing and how can we support the Olympics in Beijing when they commit genocide, when they unleash a virus on humanity that kills millions around the world. I hope all of you realize that almost all the masks, hand sanitizer, and hand soap is made in China. You have to read a lot of bottles or go online to get made in the USA. So, you're giving them money while trying to protect yourself from THEIR VIRUS! Are they playing us or what? A true communist government!

I have seen people online deny that there was a holocaust and I know some schools do not teach it. They don't deny it, they simply don't acknowledge it in their curriculum. How anyone could ever justify denying the genocide of millions is truly beyond my comprehension and truly evil. I understand what Michelle is saying and encourage all of you to visit jexitusa.com. We Americans are all of one family, simply Americans who should support each other. The left is working hard at divide and conquer. They are the ones promoting hate and racism.

There was so much to absorb this hour that it's difficult for me to discuss all of it, but I did learn a lot and appreciate all your guests that contribute to our knowledge.

THANK YOU, WAR ROOM. Thanking Steve, Steve Cortes, Ben Harnwell, Brian Kennedy, Steve Stern, Michelle Terris, and our ever-present Joe Allen. Three Steves today!
Thank you, Stephen for starting War Room in the first place, for having the knowledge and right connections to make it work so well, for knowing so many knowledgeable guests, and for being the bright mind I love so much. Take care of Stephen K Bannon, you are always in my heart, may you always light up the world with your presence, and may God guide you, watch over you, and bless you always in all ways...

P.S. SUPPORT MY PILLOW with promocode WARROOM, visit precinct strategy, go to the flag shirt.com and for Michelle go to jexitusa.org, and don't forget to join GETTR and follow Steve. Smile, it uses less muscles than a frown! Thank you! :giggle:

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