War Room Pandemic - Episode 1666 (2/25/2022)

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Tim Fox

Well-known Member
Jan 20, 2021
Biden could have taken the $85 billion of our military equipment from Afghanistan and dropped it off in Ukraine. If that was done, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine and the Taliban would not have our military equipment. Instead, the Deplorables paid for the equipment left in Afghanistan, which will end up being used to kill Americans. In addition, the Deplorables will pay for new military equipment sent to Ukraine now. What a disaster!
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New Member
Jan 10, 2021
Fix southern border in America, then maybe (probably not) talk about the border of Ukraine.

Reason why globalist stakeholder (GS) elitists' minion commies and RINOs in US (hated anti-American mortal enemy traitors - like Deep State, HRC, Kerry, Biden, Obama, McConnell, et al) forced Putin to invade Ukraine was to help them to destroy America via hot WWIII. Plus those degenerates' children were bagmen using Ukraine to launder their $billions in illegal personal loot.

Putin has been pushing for Ukraine to follow the Minsk Agreement for many years only to see the GS push Ukraine into becoming even more corrupt. US's 8 biowarfare labs built on Russia's border wasn't even the last straw, it was when Zelenko said he needed nukes. Good on Putin to push back against the evil GS!
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