War Room Pandemic - Episode 1876 (5/23/2022)

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Tim Fox

Well-known Member
Jan 20, 2021
We should be highly concerned about China and the WHO and World Economic Forum that is going on now in Geneva and Davos, Switzerland. If their is an emergency health crisis in our country, the WHO could send China into our country to resolve the emergency crisis so it does not spread to other countries. This is how serious the meetings are if Biden sells us out to the WHO, etc.

In addition, we should be concerned about China's intentions to eventually take over our lower 48 states while Russia takes Alaska. Check out Brannon Howse's interview with Mike Adams on Frank Speech today (May 23, 2022). With that in mind, let's examine how much of our military equipment that Biden left in Afghanistan relates to China's annual military budget. China's 2022 military budget is $230 billion in US dollars. Biden leaving $80 to $90 billion of our military equipment in Afghanistan is equivalent to 35 to 40% of China's 2022 military budget. The US military budget for 2022 is $782 billion; thus, the $80 to $90 of military equipment left in Afghanistan is equivalent to 10 to 12% of our military budget. This is staggering and would appear to be done on purpose by Biden - what say you?

Sounds like Biden left our military equipment in Afghanistan for China to take while also taking over Bagram Air Base, which they have done. Just maybe, China plans to bring our own military equipment back into our country to arm "Chinese sleeper cells that have been in our country for years" and/or arm "military age men from many countries that have been pouring through our Southern Border and then Biden is flying them in the middle of the night throughout our country (i.e. in Red states too)." China has a good relationship with the Mexican Cartel who could easily bring our military equipment back into our country through the southern border to arm invaders. Steve said that the equivalent of a US Army Division (9,000) is walking into our country through the Southern Border everyday. Is this a conspiracy theory - decide for yourself - I encourage you to start watching Brannon Howse on Frank Speech every night.

Could the Ukraine war be a diversion to let China walk take over Taiwan, the Philippines, and/or go into the US through the southern border? Brannon Howse and Mike Adams discussed tonight on Frank Speech that China has been closing down their ports not for Covid or another Bioweapon, but rather to arm their merchant ships with military supplies as part of an invasion somewhere, sometime this year. Is this a conspiracy theory - decide for yourself - I again encourage you to start watching Brannon Howse on Frank Speech every night.

Maybe a new war and/or pandemic from China will prevent the 2022 election from taking place. Far fetched? Check out what guests interviewed by Brannon Howse have been saying about this.

Biden has degraded our Oil & Gas industry that has compromised our Electric Grid such that 'Rolling Blackouts" are expected this summer - and what about "wheat shortages" that are also expected? - how about the Monkey Pox (check out what Dr. Redfield exaggerates about the Monkey Pox - I would not believe anything that he says - read Robert Kennedy Jr." book about Fauci to find out about Redfield), or another Bioweapon attack could be coming this summer to prevent or compromise the 2022 election (i.e., watch interview of Mike Adams by Brannon).

Sounds like the Democrats have a lot planned to prevent MAGA from winning the 2022 election!!!
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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
Sounds like the Democrats have a lot planned to prevent MAGA from winning the 2022 election!!!
Very good points which all should conclude that the "long train of abuses" continues past the 100 years mark, and that our solution is what we have. , , , the GOD given Right to correct, in a manner which will work, regardless.
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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021

Our issue, is we didn't see mighty mouse and superman for who they really were......laughing fantasies to keep us from knowing they have planned 12 monkeys, planned armegeddons, planned zombie nation....
Outbreak, the Day After...etc etc etc.

go down the list, name an event....name a solution (MARVEL) that doesn't exist.

they bioled us in a plot of entertainments that skewed our minds and kept us from knowing what only a few (courtesy of their mob or military father and That fiasco upbringing ever saw coming.

sing with me and zappa children...."it can't happen here"

oh but baby, it is happening here....and its long past wakey wakey time. the only question now, is can we crawl on the floor to the window, and get out in time...because the place is black with the smoke of them.

we thought only the simple, only the less developed nations could ever fall for a castro, a MADuro etc etc

kinda not so easy to admit, when it turns out our own leaders are now worse than either of those guys.

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