War Room Pandemic - Episode 1882 (5/25/2022)

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Feb 16, 2021
Good evening, War Room. Good evening, Stephen. I was hoping to see the late afternoon episodes, but I'll catch up on the rest of the 2nd Episode. Not sure I heard all of it.

Steve Cortes makes sense to me. People that vote for MTG are not the kind to vote for Raffensperger. Doesn't add up. Russ is right also; we never get the time to truly respond to the bills brought forth for a vote and they are NEVER explained to "we the people" by the people who write them. Naturally we think our government should take care of our borders and our citizens before giving our money away to a country we're not actually connected with. You're darn right we're against the 40 billion Ukraine Package! (I'm livid!) We don't want a war and we don't want to contribute to one! It would also seem to me that if the other countries are not fulfilling their financial commitment to NATO, we should NOT fulfill ours! The only people that should have a voice in NATO are the ones who have fulfilled their financial commitment. No pay, no say.

Yes, Dr. Breggin, is right. The left has been stomping all over our country's integrity and sovereignty. He makes perfect sense. Steve, after his initial explanation, thank you for asking the doctor the right questions to bring out so much needed information. And appreciate Noor keeping up updated.

Thank you, War Room. The music is meaningful and beautiful. Thanking Steve, Steve Cortes, Russ Vought, Dr. Peter Breggin, Noor Bin Ladin, and Benjamin Harnwell. Meaningful information in this episode.
Thank you, Stephen for the excellent job you do, for being a beautiful soul bringing truth. Take care of Stephen K Bannon, always near to my heart, may you always walk in God's light...

P.S. SUPPORT MY PILLOW and WARPATH COFFEE with promocode WARROOM! Who can do mornings without your coffee? Check out The Flag Shirt and lend support, there's sure to be one you like. Last but not least ... may God always be with each and every one of you. Thank you! :giggle:

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