War Room Pandemic - Episode 1972 (7/1/2022)

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
What time is it in America ?
Morning !
Time to remove the cancer of the last 100 years.
But, not in my lifetime with the conservative do nothings who rather pray and be still / silent / sloth-like / afraid to live / afraid to be Americans !
With 99% of conservatives afraid to act, . . . . . this crap will continue.

Even here in Nevada, people turn to government to solve the problems they themselves created. Each time people turn to government to solve a problem, guess what ? Government gets bigger and the people lose their self-respect and ability to solve the problems they created.

Turning to government - the people lose each and every time - the people lose their political power and ability to control their lives
Shameful !
Sickening !

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