War Room Pandemic - Episode 1974 (7/2/2022)

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
"Choosing a system of government"
Well, when do we do this ?
Who is with me for this ?
Our current system is in need of revision precisely because we are where we are. Cry or vomit all you want about this Grand Constitution we have, but it is not strong enough to survive with the people it brought into the federal system. Yes, the people it brought forward are partly evil, but the means to protect itself are missing from this grand constitution. Nowhere are the decisive words required to instill survivability to the document or the country. Reasons for the missing words were from the lack of education and intellect at the time of its writing. Human progress did not measure up then and most likely still does not, but there's hope. Hope for the betterment of mankind will give the words needed.

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