War Room Pandemic - Episode 2195 (10/1/2022)

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Feb 9, 2022
If the USA has enough freedom left...we should begin correcting this mixed up America in Nov elections with House and Senate ... Reminds me of a scenerio of a simple football team that has one goal in mind to win, however a rigged football team is not winning for the team but losing for profit. A country as great as USA is getting paid to lose. The global referees need to be thrown off the field and sent to play hopscotch. A new game with American rules is in order. May we have enough freedom left to do it.


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
If the USA has enough freedom left...
Freedom is the willingness to act and then doing so.


Opposition to our system has been ongoing since 1787 !
We, the USA, is an aberration bucking the norm of the World.
Our self-government is also under attack within.
Moreover, and mostly not understood by the most patriotic, our system still has no effective Citizen check and balance. This lack of is why there's the Dictatorship, a dictatorship endorsed by many no matter their political affiliation. For anyone under 90 years old, this is all they understand - Presidential Dictatorship. It's there and it's real - DICTATORSHIP.
Exiting the dictatorship era has a problem. One is a lack of wanting to - people like their brand of dictatorship.

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