War Room Pandemic - Episode 647 (1/11/2021)

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

While YouTube announces broad censorship mandates for any channel discussing the election, Steve Bannon discusses the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and the latest updates on the state of the election. Calling in are Raheem Kassam, Andy Puzder, Jeff Brian, Dr. Yan.


Active Member
Jan 9, 2021
Please could someone deliver to the address unknown! 4th may 2020

Dear Lord God.

Your subjects on plant Earth in the constellation that you created. We have a terrible problem with your enemy, Do you remember something 2000 years ago you issued 10 law’s that we should all live by, Your disciple returned from a conference with you from a mountain? You had these laws written on stone, Well these people have totally disregarded every single one of them, These people are worshiping a false god ( Zion ) of witch the effigy they have created and covered in your preaches metal gold, They are killing your subjects before they are actually born to this world, They have created wars through the lands for well over the last hundred years creating untold suffering and dispatched hundreds of millions of us in the name of this false god. They have also created secret originations under the guise of ( intelligence ) and are backing both sides in the wars that they have created in the hope of destroying us totally.
However today ( we all know that time has no relevance for you ) they have created a death so nasty it cant be described and has spread over the entire planet. They are telling us all that if we don’t take what they subscribe internally we are all going to stand a very good chance of coming to you for final judgement , We know that what they subscribe is to make us dependant on them, Unfortunately most of us aren't so clever and don’t understand what is going on. They are sealing your houses of worship and locking the doors, Your son court them doing this once and through them all out, Its written in your grate book. Can you please help us?
My plea is not for me but for the rest of my fellow human beings, When they read this letter to you it will be hidden and I will also probably be sent to you.

Your Loyal Servant Michael.
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