War Room Pandemic - Episode 668 (1/19/2021)

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New Member
Jan 20, 2021
This episode was pulled from airing apparently by Dish network. Americas voice was playing it on the app, but when i tried to watch it on Dish channel 219 all i saw was a goofy 1 hour long infomercial about a steamer cooker. Had me worried for a while that some crap was gonna happen. This morning, the 20th, War Room was back on as scheduled. Hope it stays that way. Wondering if any other Posse members had that experience on the afternoon show of the 19th.

Peggy Ann

War Room VIP Member
Dec 27, 2020
Lady Patriot and Margarita - I couldn't agree more and thank you for voicing your opinion. However, there are SO MANY more in the so-called GOP who also need to "punished" at the ballot box . . . romney first comes to mind, but all of the establishment/old guys who DO NOTHING but sit in their offices and collect the utra huge salaries we pay them. I'm sick of them all and they need to BE GONE IMMEDIATELY.

Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST LISTEN TO. Especially when they speak about the purge of the military. Removing all the trump supporters from the military and basically replacing them with communist followers. THIS HAS HAPPENED SEVERAL TIMES THROUGHOUT HISTORY. This is not new. This is not some “they are there to arrest biden.” They are there to be purged, replaced then put against anyone that leans even slightly to the right. They are being made to be against Americans. Just like they (this show) said. It is a communist takeover. Not a “the bad guys Will be arrested takeover.“ Bolshevism all over again.

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