War Room Pandemic - Episode 735 (2/16/2021)

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I sent the following to McConnell!

You would have never been Majority Leader if it wasn't for President Trump. Your repeated UNHINGED attacks on him are indicative of someone who has basically lost his mind. Senator Corman of PA requested that a hold be put on their certification because of a PROVEN over 200,000 vote discrepancy compared to the actual list of PA VOTERS. And you have the unmitigated gall to accuse President Trump of a CRIME when It's YOU, and your merry band of beyond worthless RINOs, who don't care about anything other than your personal political fiefdoms who should be prosecuted for TREASON as far as this Vietnam War Navy Vet of the Security Group Command is concerned. And I'm not a minority of one by a longshot, Senator. Get that straight, since you have a problem doing that with your forked duplicitous tongue.

How dare you attack what millions consider to be the Best President we've had in modern times. How dare you do that. The only thing you're exposing is your political failings, McConnell, for the entire world to see! FYI, President Trump took the bullseye off my oldest son's, a retired State Trooper after 20 years, back after the Obamunists put it here, being quick to unjustly attack our police for protecting themselves, as later proved in Court.

President Trump improved the Combat efficiency of the Naval Air Arm from 40 to 80%, doubling it, after the Obamunists turned our Military into lab rats for morally bankrupt social engineering experiments, their fighting capabilities be damned!

I remember reading reports of Squadron Commanders telling of pilots who lamented that they weren't allowed to kill ISIS when they had them dead to right in their sights because of Obama's PC Rules of Engagement that didn't allow that. Those aviators reported how bad they felt because there would be a trail of suffering and heads left as a result of the genocide of ISIS which didn't matter to Obama. My youngest son is in one of those Squadrons now, and he and his family are grateful for President Trump's exemplary leadership in caring for our Military and Police who were trashed by Obama-Biden.

You ought to stop and think about those facts, McConnell, before you make a complete unadulterated ass of yourself in another oped!


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Feb 13, 2021
As with all "Green" technologies you must develop these further to implement them in society!

Democrats want Green Technology funds to covertly funnel American taxpayer dollars to their family and friends "Bank Accounts"!

These technologies are currently being researched thoroughly in this Country and abroad, so it's another lie Democrats push to bilk millions from Americans!

China is the Earth's greatest threat!
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