War Room Pandemic - Episode 752 (2/23/2021)

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First, I have to get something off my chest, being a Type A Personality. I don't know about you, but I've had quite enough of the FRAUD, Amy Coney Barrett, Souter in a skirt, whose love of the Constitution exhibited by her in her Confirmation hearings is anything but, i.e., a BALD-FACED LIE, as evinced by Justice Thomas' dissent in the latest trashing of the Constitution by the sham Supreme Farce that is the COMPROMISED ROBERTS' Court! No big deal, right Amy, as we're only talking about the complete destruction of our country with the trashing of the sacrifices of the FALLEN, which, evidently, is NOT on your morally bankrupt radar!

Despair at the Border Patrol reported here. From what I'm hearing, the Morale in the Military is also TANKING! Little wonder when you have a TRAITOROUS CCP Puppet illegitimate President who hates everything and anything American as your CIC whose main goal is to destroy what's Left of a Free America UNDER God under orders from his Communist Insurgency who STOLE THE ELECTION!

I'm very concerned about Biden getting us into another War, a false flag to be sure, to take the heat off the rightful INCOMING he's getting with the War Mongers and the Globalists who supply BOTH SIDES in their wars for profit standing to make another mint off the Suffering and BODY BAGS of our FALLEN!

Biden is INVITING this to happen, for the love of God, as all our enemies, Biden's friends, are salivating at that prospect with his WEAKNESS being telegraphed daily with every lunatic word spewing from his forked tongue and that of his Mouthpieces of Sauron!


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Feb 13, 2021
Years and years Administrations fought and wrangled over this issue of immigration, and finally Trump came in and resolved it all!

What is truly concerning is the people behind the funneling of immigrants. These families and individuals have to pay enormous amounts of money to get here, and they have to continue to pay while there here. It would point to those in our Government who are profiting from these immigrants! If your not a part of the solution that means you are "part of the problem"!


i wonder a lot if the jackass politicians that we bash because they need it ever even read our comments. i have always hoped so. would make me feel a little better. i would love to get in their faces and tell them off but good. but with me may not be good i wouldn't stop till their ears were ringing and had them in my grip. if you think they ever read or listen to us let me know my appease me a little.

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