War Room Pandemic - Episode 770 (3/2/2021)

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John Realino

Well-known Member
Jan 27, 2021

State-Sponsored Doxxing​

When we talk about job loss, or recovery like we feel this administration wants to see recovery? No they do not want recovery, but getting as much money to their financial backers, their corrupt backers, then trying to take this country down ,so the CCP who is Bidens owners , will take over the Position that the US holds over them! The Democrat socialist government under this party wants to destroy the American way of life, so don’t say this is their problem, this is their “GOAL’”!


New Member
Jan 19, 2021
Why are they not using Pulitzer? Steve was always concerned about who was going to do theaudit. Now he doesn't even mention it..Why?


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