War Room Pandemic - Episode 774 (3/4/2021)

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Jan 29, 2021
Portland, Oregon
Segment 3, Phil Kline on protecting freedom

Steve points out that the ‘Progressive Fascists’ like the CCP model, but might not like concentration camps.
Raheem: “What do you do with lists like that?” insinuating concentration camps might be part of the plan.

When AOC suggested making lists and brainwashing, and Bernie suggested prison camps and gulag, it’s quite obvious that they are working off not only the CCP playbook, but the NSDAP playbook. They are trying to start down that road.

So to Steve’s point, can we throw their threats of concentration camps in their face to get them to back off condemning half the population? Otherwise they think they have permission.

This is what blue voters don’t understand but need to be reminded of: the CCP is giving the blue party ways to illegally and unconstitutionally silence, condemn and disappear all opposition, and it cannot be allowed. Anywhere in the world, it’s why we have an international presence. China is pushing straight back with their own presence.

We need a way to declare 5th generation war, that is Cold War, cultural war, and total economic war, on China. Because they have already declared such a war against us. Like the Japanese consulate proposing peace on December 6, 1941, the CCP tell each other they are at war with us, but the tell us we are at peace. Meanwhile, Biden regime supports the Confucius institute, the primary means of CCP indoctrination and working policy in the US, by allowing their continued presence on every college campus they want. It is an outrage. /rant

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