War Room Pandemic - Episode 777 (3/5/2021)

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New Member
Mar 6, 2021
Great episode. if people read and listen they will get it. Most people see media bias and accept it not even forming an opinion. Look forward to seeing documentary. Where is it available?


Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
I watched this once, but checking it out again. I would love to see more on human trafficking and the abuse of children and women. It's a subject many do not like to get into and it's one of America's (or should be) pressing issues. Children and Women are raped, abused, and used. The greatest majority of it is connected with the Cartels and border crossings. Stephen, you do such a good job and always seem to find the right guests for the topic at hand and honestly, I think it will mean more coming from a man. It needs to be exposed more for all of America to see, understand, get embarrassed that this happens in our country and mad enough to do something about it. Time to clean up America, !

I do agree with you about President Lincoln Steve. They actually had history when I was in school, and I wrote my paper on Lincoln. I think his personal life was a little sad but he was a dedicated president of the people. I post every day about the fence and troops around the Capital. Just trying to find a really good picture of them. Thank you for covering the subjects we need to know about. As always love the way your mind works, love you, God's speed........
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Mar 2, 2021
I, member for less than a week, very much appreciate the work of all at WARROOM ! I am really enjoying my migration away from ZeroHedge on all matters POTUS 45.

On "prayer prayer prayer" and gin soaked raisins, I can relate to Lee Brown's transformation. Let's leave that for another time, but I would like to say as one who had a brief life as a music recording engineer (lots of stories about that too!) that I've been humming this tune all day today and for me this musically captures the essence of WARROOM:

You can surrender
Without a prayer
But never really pray
Pray without surrender
You can fight
Fight without ever winning
But never ever win
Win without a fight

Thank you : )

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