War Room Pandemic - Episode 796 (3/13/2021)

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What was learned on The War Room's Two Part Special on the CCP today follows.

The DIABOLIC EVIL of the CCP wants world domination to the extreme of eliminating ethnicities in the process where we were one of those to be eliminated.

The Communists are taking over the Country. See the following for proof. GET THE WORD out, especially to your Family and Friends. Contact your Reps on all levels, Local, State, and Federal! Demand that they DEFEND us in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS from this VERY REAL THREAT to anything and everything American! There are lives at stake from our youngest innocents at the earliest stage of life to our Military in Harm's Way!

Despicable Biden wants to COOPERATE with these devils GUILTY of Crimes Against Humanity! Put your Reps on Notice that you will have NONE OF THAT!

Steven Mosher says we must WAKE UP TODAY! Mosher says what should happen in Alaska instead of kowtowing to a RUTHLESS REGIME. He hopes Biden will NOT SELL Alaska to China! Mosher's Book Bully of Asia is a MUST Read.

The following tells you what Comrade Biden thinks is NO BIG PROBLEM which should prove to you IN SPADES that THE BIG PROBLEM are the TRAITORS in the White House of a Morally Bankrupt Administration STRAIGHT from the Bowels of Hell that is allied with the CCP in its goal of destroying what's left of a Free America UNDER God FOR PROFIT!

The CCP Virus Was an 'Act of War': Giuliani​

Gaffney: CCP Virus is First Time in History a Single Nation Has Attacked the Entire World​

Gordon Chang Reveals His Theory of What Happened at Wuhan Lab​

China is Developing Civilization Killer Viruses: Chang​

China Unleashed 'Greatest Economic Weapon Ever Used on Mankind'​



New Member
Feb 17, 2021
The Big WOW, this show... the one to save and share to all of those who need that kablammo convincing. There's another podcast that came out today on David Whitehead's channel where 'reknowned vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche blew the whistle' (epi 153) that goes along with all of this intel nicely. It's all coming out, now, and those who cannot or will not see are just playing ostrich.


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