War Room Pandemic - Episode 802 (3/16/2021)

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Mar 16, 2021
The afternoon show has been all commercials. Probably haven’t played 2 minutes of WarRoom. (Pluto)
Same here on Pluto...commercials keep breaking in while Steve and the others are talking and then after about two minutes of the guys back on, the War Room has to break for a commercial. Sounds like Big Tech is interfering!


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Mar 16, 2021
I'm new here but am looking to share the following letter with like-minded others. We are in a war unlike any this country has experienced in the past.
There are still too many out there that are too stuck in their comfort zone to do more than watch the regular news media. Because of this, I had distilled our "watching the watchers" down to a four page article, my "opinionated rant" that is based on hindsight & current info gained from alternative news (i.e. War Room, News Max) and my own observations, research and experience.
If you agree with what has been written please feel free to copy and send it to those who are asleep. I've sent it to one congressman & I want to get it out to others. We are circling the drain and many need a wake-up call. (After this explanation the some of the article will be repetitive but it was written for those who didn't get the explanation) Here goes:

While I'm putting forth a series of accusations & complaints, included are suggestions for possible solutions to consider. And if these solutions are deemed unacceptable, I ask if not, why not?

In my opinion, too many Americans fail to realize that we are in the middle of a war unlike any that, we the citizens of this country, have experienced in the past. To my fellow citizens I beg you to put some time & effort into seeking truth other than in the established news media. If we fail to get out of our comfort zone and participate by watching the “watchers” (our elected representatives - local, state, & federal) we will suffer consequences that will continue to impact all aspects of our lives and of those who follow. Make no mistake about it, without action and participation, we are facing the end of our American freedoms.

To start with, I'm 76 year old mother & grandmother who only became "politically" verbal this last year. I was busy living an average life, raising my family in rural Idaho. I minded my own & was only "triggered" if I felt there was a threat to myself or my family. I did address issues when it involved those things close to home.

There is an old adage which comes to mind and will refer to it as I write this. It goes:
“How do you boil a frog?.......Slowly, so it doesn't jump out of the water.” then I'm prompted to add that more than one frog is in the pot......

I had been warned years earlier by folks (who were paying attention) about the dishonesty in our government who then were seen and labled as "conspiracy theorists". I later found those conspiracy theorists had valid basis for their beliefs. (I can include information gained from personal sources in possible upcoming “editorials” including veterans from three wars, sons of veterans, farmers, retired federal officials, etc.)

Like many other Americans, I voted but never really felt the necessity to voice an opinion on the policies and politics our government. I was just an average citizen, not savvy about the ins & outs of politics since I believed as did many others of my generation that those matters could safely be left for those who were more knowledgeable than I and politically active on the larger scene in Washington, our elected officials. “We” had done our patriotic duty by serving our country in the military, being good honest citizens and voting for those who would represent "we the people" in Congress. We were aware that there were injustices within our country and silently or verbally applauded those who were marching & fighting for their civil rights in other parts of the country. “We” watched the evening news, paid attention to what was presented but otherwise operated pretty superficially. “We” were not personally involved......water heating..........

Perhaps mistakenly for some of us, the assumption was that our elected officials and congressmen were doing their job even with the suspicion that there would be pockets of greed & corruption, it kind of went with the territory unless someone in the news media found & challenged it. After all, even with lobbyists, there would be congressional oversight, the Justice Dept. and our Constitution with its system of checks & balances. In general we allowed for human vulnerability along with a little corruption that comes along with power in the mix. It was what it was and I didn't take it personally. That has changed.

All part of the human experience. Not all of us are designed to be political. I can be opinionated but have never participated as a political activist. Some things just go with the territory.....and most of it gets worked out eventually.........Not a big deal unless it's your bull that's getting gored. I, “we” never dreamed that what was to come would undermine the very Constitution.

I,we are waking up now.....full of anger....some self blame..... “should of – would of”, if only realized, but was busy with work, family and living the life of a lower middle income American. Thank you......And now our individual rights as guaranteed in the Constitution are in jeopardy.........the water is beginning to simmer.........

Waking up...too late?...........
I believe that what we are now experiencing is the completion of an end game as the result of the pockets of political corruption in and from both parties Newer words include outside hacking, payoffs & voter fraud. The Dept. of Justice & Supreme Court are not as what we were told they were. This is not the government that we were taught about in school. Our belief in the checks & balances has been destroyed, and this is not conspiracy theory, but reality. Are the rights guaranteed in our Constitution being ignored and robbed by, the term that comes to mind is: a congress of whores?

The Biden Stimulus Package (the Peloski-Biden Stimulus Package)......
I believe the Biden Stimulus Package will result in this country going into its final death throes as a free republic within the next ten years, and that's my optimistic view. We as citizens recognize that there is so much "pork" & payoffs in that bill that have nothing to do with Covid recovery. We recognize that. The bill is an obscenity. The dollar amount & interest will bankrupt the future of the country and indebt us to our enemies. Our future may well become that of an enslaved society, as has happened historically in other countries. Our standard of living will be severely impacted (The mass exodus from those other countries towards our southern border speaks to the example. But most Americans can't accept that it can happen here. Cognitive dissidence?) The balance of power in the houses of Congress seems non-existent, resulting in a runaway train that's headed for a cliff. ....water getting hotter.....froggies getting jumpy....

Political corruption is being exposed for those who are willing to leave their comfort zone and do the research or at least look & listen to alternative news sources. Regrettably, until the last several years, I didn't feel that as American citizens in a free society, the need to do that. I, we trusted in the system. I, we were mislead & mistaken. And now “we” are on the brink of losing it all, on a path which will end life as the "average" citizen has known it in this country. Both socially and economically we are in more trouble than many realize. Please froggies, wake up & jump while you still can....

The News.....Consume without digesting......
Too many rely on the globalist-corporate owned news media available on the big t.v. stations, including cable (i.e. Fox, CBS, & even publicly supported PBS, etc.) They are usually slanted to the Left and "news" is editorialized & opinionated by the "personality" relating it and the who, what, when & where of true journalistic ethics has gone by the wayside. (and the “liberal left” is has been hijacked as well, but more on that later.)

The Border.......
But now with the "border crisis" being recognized, I guess everyone's bull is in danger of being gored. Or at least some of the folks who lean to the left are beginning to appreciate the gravity of the situation. Unfortunately what I hear from some, the blame is being placed on ex-president Trump! This, despite the fact that he was hamstrung & hindered by the Democrats who stonewalled every move he tried to put in place. They wouldn't pass the budget for the wall & he had to use money out of the Defense Budget. And that was even challenged in court by the Democrats.
I previously saw the Democratic party as just “Liberals”, but now it is seen as myself and others as a herd mentality consisting of Liberals and Socialists within the Party. No matter,....what they are all practicing is Socialism as they all stand together to achieve their goal of total governmental control. They are winning while many members of the impotent Republican Party stand by and posture. Shame on you, we're becoming aware of who and what you are.

What I am hearing & seeing from some of you is noted and will be acted upon. The tenacity brought on by your overconfidence as shown by your words and actions is mind-boggling. We are in shock, but I & other Americans are outraged. You forget to understand the true nature of the citizens of this country. When you poke the sleeping bear or wake the giant there is a price to pay. You don't seem to care for now but some of us drowsy frogs are beginning to wake and become active, since you've turned up the heat too soon in your rush for total control.

I am a momma bear and there many more like me. There is a “call to arms” that you have instigated by your actions. Anger is in the air. The future of ourselves & our offspring is threatened, and we will not allow you to force this country into becoming a third world society by the financial result of your actions. (More on this can be covered later) Your actions have forced us out of our “comfort zone” and there will be a reckoning.

Back to the border.....I feel sorry for those of the poor souls who have had to leave their homes behind......imagine having things so bad in your country that you're willing to undertake such a dangerous journey.....Then there are the cartels whom take advantage of these desperate people.......And they are enabled by whom????......Ex-president Trump did the right thing when he made arrangements for the undocumented to stay in Mexico until things could be sorted out. And then there is the issue of the children.....

There is the immediate and pressing issue of our citizens on the Texas border who are being overrun with illegal emigrants. This doesn't even address the danger to the lives & property of those folks along with the violence & danger from the cartels. We know the impact to the country extends far past the State of Texas.

Remove the military from the capitol and place them on the border to protect our Texas citizenry? Is it not the duty of the National Guard to protect our borders? It makes more sense to me than using them in Washington to keep the citizens at bay.
Zero Tolerance: I suggest we establish a full military presence on our side of the wall and dispatch with prejudice any & all cartel gang members who show up. No trial, no imprisonment, just shot on sight. Acceptable collateral damage....It wouldn't take long for the word to get out of Zero Tolerance. We are under attack!

I need to stipulate that I feel that the incident in Washington was wrong and should not have happened. There is the possibility that it was allowed to happen, but that is still under investigation, since there may be more players in this than previously known.
Perhaps Pelsoki & the others fear “the pitchfork brigade” as that is what they are driving some to. One can only imagine. Or is this about keeping constituents out, as well as the right to protest and assemble? Is there a coup in progress? Or has it already taken place in a way that was hidden?

In an imaginary world, if I were "Zarina".....
1. Those Americans (individuals, corporations & politicians)who are involved in taking profits would be tried & sentenced.
2. In fact maybe that part could be made into a reality show.....such as having a group of these corporate criminals put on Epstein Island. They could exist to scheme and survive in each other's company. I guarantee the ratings would go thru the roof and be very profitable. Just think ..........
3. There would probably be violence & killing, as that seems to be what is popular for entertainment these days. And also what we've sent our troops into other countries to do. But we are again in an undeclared war but this time on our home turf and must defend our country. The citizenry is fed up with the politics of drugs, money & the American profit from these so called drug wars.

I'm also recognizing the “Liberal Left” is not the same “Left” that I saw protesting for human rights, women's rights & anti-war sentiments in the '60's & 70's. The extreme liberal leftists that are in power now are a product of the globalist elite and have hijacked the system.
(& the Democratic Party?)
And there are so many things wrong coming to fruition at this time, that many of us fear we're seeing the end of our Republic. It can cause an emotional roller coaster between anger & apathy. Anger is good, guard against the apathy! As we find ourselves caught in a bottleneck we must break through it to defend & restore our Constitutional rights that are under siege!
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