War Room Pandemic - Episode 809 (3/18/2021)

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Feb 12, 2021
Both R's won in Georgia. The fix was in. We have learned nothing from European countries as far as fraud and mail in is concerned. Also, when vote counting is done in offsite locations, cheating is easy!


Senior Member
Feb 13, 2021
alburquerque nm

Road to 2022​

cant wait to read the book just got it. action action action. you taught me well obi k. Bannon and Raheem sky-walker.

all the past administrations besides president trump who should be in the white house, are all globalist elite who look at us humans and Americans as ants. were nothing to them and they are experimenting on us with this vaccines just like they have for decades. lets be real people. if you believe the white house has be hijacked by obama and ccp then we need to start pushing harder. we have to think outside the box and take the truth for what it is, who has been the most aggressive country against america. china right? so why would we think that ccp wont finish us off before the elections. its always good to hear Boris he always gives us hope and is always honest." im typing as the show goes on i want to cover everything if i can."
wow why cant we just get the evidence from the machines like their supposed to be doing and push the truth and protest. we have to demand voting goes back to paper voting. no more machines that can be compromised. we will take back the house and senate and hold all these treasonous judges and lawyers and wall-street and media and big tech, and democrats to account.they collude with all our sworn enemies, they violate our constitution, they allow chinas poisonous products to be sold in our stores that poison our kids. they take our jobs and make countries powerfull , building up ccps military with our own money in which it will be used to destroy us. theres so many things weve allowed the democrates to get away with or the media or the big tech. its like nobody cares enough to do anything. it all makes sence now. people we cant just show up to trumps reallys because we like to be entertained. what have we become, people. there hasnt been any huge gathering to push back agaisnt the biden regime. if trump was out there im sure everybody and their grandmas would go, but if its to go try and save our country we just stay home and not do s***. yea its good to like and share and warn people online but were waisting our time doing that only. what happened to the organizers who got all those reallys together. if its because were scared , well if fear worth loosing everything. you know whats going to happen, if we dont try harder and more harder,we will live to regret this day, this time. i know we have to be smart about getting together to protest cause their always trying to set us up, false flags and the like. but if you think about it, im sure these antifa who planned the capitol riot are getting payed bonuses for each day were not out there pushing back with our voices. this is part of the reason no one goes out im sure they won the battle , we cant be scared of the antifa trying to wreck our reallys. we outnumber them,we will take precautions, like we film everything, we identify any antifa and have people film them the whole time and if they get out of hand then we citizens arrest them and turn them over to the police and if the police wont do anything then we will be the police because this is our nation given to us by God almighty and if hes for us who can be against us. for greater is he that is in me then he is in the world. dont fear those that can kill the body but fear him whole has the power to send you to hell. thats the problem, "you Guys" we have to trust God not our military. we have to assume 100% that the military has been compromised with bidens picks which most of them were pro ccp might i add. theres alot coming against us like the FBI, CIA, democrats,Iran, ccp north korea ,mexican cartels, terroist, and most of all the fake news,the list goes on and on. stand up my patriot friends, my brothers and sisters in the lord. Gods mercys are new every morning. pick your self up and repent turn from your wicked ways and i will heal your land , i will restore to you the joy of your salvation. for he is faithfull and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God bless everyone. i will pray for us all in this fight against evil


Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. I'm back to watch yesterday afternoon's Episode so I will be caught up and I was very interested in seeing this one after you talked about it yesterday morning. Thank you Steve for your opening explanation on the period of time after the 2016 election and our dealings with China. How the Biden administration is proceeding, if you want to call it that. I never forget 2008/2009! Not easy to consolidate a complete speech that covers a lot in approximately 15 minutes, but you did it Steve!


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Feb 16, 2021
Welcome Boris. President Trump did not lose Georgia! Just listening to the conversation between you and Steve. The Democrats are already planning their big steal as usual. Can you men let us know about any MAGA candidates you learn about? It would help tremendously to know we're supporting the right candidate. The two of you are covering a lot of information I appreciate your remarks and info. Boris, Cory Gardner: I did vote for him but he needs to quit smiling for the camera and go all in for MAGA and Trump's agenda totally. He didn't in the 2020 election and the crook won.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thank your Steve and Boris for giving us so much needed information. Good conversation!
Thank you Stephen for holding up the truth for all who seek it, for your nonstop work ethic (you overdo), for being a beautiful soul, take care of yourself (you might try the Zinc & D-3 on War Room Defense, I've heard it's excellent), love you, may our Heavenly Father always guide and watch over you always in all ways........
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