War Room Pandemic - Episode 821 (3/24/2021)

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Senior Member
Feb 24, 2021
In minute 29 of Episode 821, discussion focused on the deliberate effort by the left to tear apart our culture.

Their entire purpose was to detach our culture from any moral anchors whatsoever.

They've deliberately destroyed the American family which is the foundational block for building our society

They look at what holds a society together they understand that but they don't want that

They want to change and they will subvert and rat every good and decent thing we believe in because they have a vision for a new society and that must mean the replacement of the old society

Once people figure it, out they're going to do with people everywhere do. They're going to start protesting and you're going to start revolting. It when that happens, that's when the powers that be feel threatened in the use the power that they have.

This is why, for instance, transgender is being made a big deal; it is an attack on our natural values. Our enemies are taking advantage of our good nature.

This six-minute video is an introduction to a longer set of videos. For me, the lights came on when I saw this introduction. I hope you will watch it, see its importance, and share with anybody you can who you think might somewhere see the light.

Uncle Sam is in big trouble folks. This video shows the disease.

p.s. I just noticed, this video is out of date, because the Commies are past the brink. They seized control via The Steal™, facilitated by The Age of Covid™. That all came after this video was produced.
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Great Awakening

Dave Brat says the real solution for America is to have another great awakening.

“If you really want to change the country you better change its heart and soul,” he said. “We’ve given up on what made us great. Love is at the cross.”

“God’s still here,” Brat said. “But we’re walking in the desert right now.”

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John Realino

Well-known Member
Jan 27, 2021
Steve, we know your smart, but when you bring in people, we want to hear their remarks. Their obviously very intelligent people, I also want to hear their answers. I watch every show, I like the show and the people , I appreciate the fact you show the horrible policies of the left, I need to know when these liberals will fall off the bus !

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