War Room Pandemic - Episode 836 (3/30/2021)

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Here's some clips that you shouldn't forget. Shows you the Communism we're living under and will continue to do so until we let Biden's Politburo know we WILL NOT, moreover, we WILL NEVER Obey your Godless Unconstitutional dictates! We don't have to GO TO HELL WITH YOU!

Shock and Outrage After Priest Calls Cops on Pregnant Woman During Mass

Deirdre Hairston tells her shocking story of a priest in Dallas, Texas who called the police on her for pulling down her mask during Mass.

“I am pregnant and was feeling very light headed, so I removed my mask so I could breath,” she said. Next thing she knew, three police officers were on top of her as she was kneeling to pray.

The female police officer threatened to arrest her at the church for “trespassing,” and said “this is a business.”

Contact: Bishop Burns

No Sanctuary in a Church

Stephen K. Bannon unleashes after hearing Deidre Hairston’s story, and the double standard of law enforcement never going into churches in sanctuary cities.

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